21 people poisoned in Germany

Something really tragic has happened in Germany. A worker’s food is poisoned with toxic chemical by a co-worker. This incident has lead the police to review the case dealing with the suspicious death of 21 men of the same firm.

                                                               image courtesy: www.newsweek.com

Police reviewed the case that happened in the year 2000. Based on this incident, a 56- year old man has been arrested.

A suspect was arrested based on a CCTV footage. A 26 year old worker made a complaint that he found some white powder sprinkled over his sandwich. Based on this report, surveillance cameras were installed and footage is recorded. One of the footage showed a man (simply named as Klaus O) sprinkling something over the sandwiches of the co-worker’s tiffin box. On May 16, the person was arrested.

After a raid on the suspects house, toxic chemicals like mercury, quicksilver, lead and cadmium were found. The tests on the white substance sprinkled on the food identified it to be lead acetate that could cause severe organ damage.

A wide investigation on this case has made a connection to the suspicious death of the 21 workers on the year 2000. Cancer or heart attacks caused by heavy metal poisoning are reported to be the reason for their death.

Police has stated that Klaus O remained silent throughout the investigation. The motive behind the action was not yet known.

Anna University Results 2018

Anna University results for both the Undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students have been released today. The results for the exams that were conducted on the month of April and May were made available in the official website of the varsity.

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The exam results can be checked by the students at the official website of the Anna University. They can be checked in the following links:

  •       aucoe.annauniv.edu,
  •           coe1.annauniv.edu and
  •           annauniv.edu

The results of the exams that were conducted on April and May were released on the official website today. As expected, the website didn’t respond for a long time because there was a lot of candidates who tried to get their results at the same time. The steps to be followed in order to check the results are simple. The candidate should enter into any one of the links given above. He/she can type their name and date of birth to enter into their profile. Then a click on the result tab would show the result of the candidate.

The candidates who have scored fewer marks and the one’ who were unsatisfied with their marks can apply for revaluation. The dates for the application of revaluation will be announced later on the official website of the Anna University.


Plane crash in Ghatkopar

The 12-seater aircraft took off from Juhu airport today. Unfortunately, it couldn’t land on the runway and so crashed itself in a building on the suburb of Mumbai. The plane crashed today against a compound wall of an under-construction building named Jagruti, around 1:30 pm today.

This tragic incident has killed all the four people who were in the plane and a pedestrian. The people who died in this tragic incident include two pilot and two aircraft maintenance engineers. They are Captain Pradeep Rajput, Captain Mariya, Surbhi (Engineer), Manish (Technician) and an unknown person. This plane crash has also injured three other pedestrians. The three injured people are reported to be unstable.

Image courtesy: www.jagran.com

This incident happened in Ghatkopar, a clogged central suburb of Mumbai. The plane came within moments as a fireball before it crashed into the under-construction building. A CCTV footage has been found which shows the unexpected fall of a King Air C90 charter aircraft more like a fireball from the sky, as it collapses to the building.

The crashed aircraft initially belonged to the UP government and was later purchased by U Y Aviation Pvt Ltd., a Mumbai based company. The plane crashed when it was three km away from the Mumbai airport main runway 27.

Actions were taken quickly to prevent further accidents due to the smoke and burnt parts of the air plane.

Love for animals

Almost all the people love animals and pets. Pets can be any animals including dogs, cats, and birds, etc., these pets remain so close to our hearts. They always roam around us making us happy. They always remain a perfect company to some people who lead a really lonely life. So these pets are capable to be a perfect entertainer, friend, playmate and sometimes even a confidante.


image courtesy: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTQas5XFokkhH-ovun1RNZVIAXZWntW6gHFV_d9Yo1MaVhA2GEdHw

They remain so close to the people with whom they grow around. Some people love them a lot. They don’t see it as just an animal but a member of their own family, often giving it ‘royal’ treatment. So I guess we could say the animals that are petted to be lucky living things in the world.

Now that we think about lucky creatures there is another group of animals that are not petted. These are called as just stray animals. Since they are not brought up under a roof, under someone’s care doesn’t mean that it can be killed or mistreated.  In these days of modern technology and increasing number of vehicles, a large number of animals are killed on the roads. They are not even disposed of properly but are just tampered on by other vehicles that happen to pass that road.

We as humans are gifted with a special sense so that we understand the feelings and emotions of others. So it is our duty not only to respect humans but also to not look down on animals. They too have lives that should be respected. We also find so many injured and stray animals roaming the streets. There are many organizations to take care of these animals.

I would like to mention a Facebook group started by Prabaharan Nagarajan who takes care of these stray and injured animals. ‘Friends of Madurai,’ is an account consisting of a group of friends who try their best to save the lives of these animals.  Within the last two years of its formation, they have saved more than thousands of animals like squirrel, birds, stray dogs and cats. Prabaharan says that animals should never be mistreated. They must be taken care of. Many people just leave their pets astray when they were not able to care for them. He asks them to handle them to animal care centers in spite of leaving them to stray in the streets. These friends are also conducting programs to create awareness among the people regarding these.

Now it is in the hands of all the people to save the animals. We are now living in a world where many species of animals are becoming extinct. So let’s give a second to think about protecting these animals.

Floating nuclear power plant

Nuclear power plants are very useful to the countries though they pose a major threat to people in days of calamity. They are built in most of the major countries to meet the needs of electricity and also to meet the need of ammunition. Nuclear power plants greatly remind us of the disasters it poses to the people in case of any mishap. Therefore they are not mostly supported by the environmentalists.

Image courtesy: The New Daily

I would like to mention in this post about Russia’s successful embarking of the first floating power plant. This power plant was named as ‘Akademik Lomonosov.’ It started its first voyage in a sea on May 19, from St. Petersburg shipyard, where it was constructed. The power plant was to be loaded on the Arctic port of Pevek in summer of 2019. This power plant was designed by Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom.

This massive power plant was about 144m in length and 30m in breadth. It can carry up to 21,500-ton weight. A group of 69 members are going to work in this power plant. Once the vessel was landed on Pevek, it is intended to replace the two old power plants, Bilibino and Chaunskaya Thermal Power Plant according to Rosatom. Construction of this power plant started in 2007.

Though the floating power plant is a huge success until now, it is highly criticised by the environmentalists. Greenpeace has mocked this floating power plant as ‘Chernobyl on ice’ and also as ‘Nuclear Titanic’ as it poses as a catastrophe to the people. “This hazardous venture is not just a threat to the Arctic, but, potentially, to other densely populated or vulnerable natural regions too,” fears the environmentalist. They believe that the landing of floating power plant in Pevek might create a great threat in the future because of the varying climatic conditions of that place.

Even in India, we are reminded of the protests and mutiny done to close the Koodankulam nuclear power plant. The major step that the government should take before the establishment of these power stations is giving the people a thorough knowledge of the uses and also the providing them with proper awareness. Proper steps should be taken in order to ensure the safety of the people.

Mallya finally relents

Vijay Mallya has finally relented to pay back the dues he owes to the creditors and the banks in India.

Image courtesy: DNA India

Vijay Mallya has made a statement today that he has sought the court in Karnataka to grant him approval to sell his assets worth Rs 13,900 crores. He said that this approval was taken in order to pay all the creditors in India including banks to which he owes a large sum of money. Along with the statement Mallya also produced a two-year-old letter which was presented to prime minister Narendra Modi stating that he was “making every effort” to settle all the dues that he owes to the creditors in India. He also regretted that he had become a “poster boy” of the banks and a “lightning rod” of the public’s anger.

Vijay Mallya was believed to have stolen thousands of crores from India and has hidden in the USA. But Mallya has condemned this charge saying that he had been trying to clear his name by taking several efforts. He said that he has already written letters to the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister on 15th April 2016 with an effort to make things right. He said that he had made these letters public in order to gain a good perspective from the public. He complained that he had not received any response from either of them.

The 62-year old was wanted in India for money-laundering cases and for defaulting on loans in India that worth crores. When a few banks took steps to recover their unpaid loans, he escaped to England and settled there in a mansion near London. He was spotted often in some events. Eventually, he was arrested last year in an extradition warrant in London.

After a long silence, he had relented to pay back the loans. He had also complained that the CBI and Enforcement Directorate were determined to frame criminal charges against him.


Downpour in Mumbai

Mumbai has been facing heavy downpour of rain for the past few days. The city has been totally disrupted. There were water logging and a chance for a flood to occur in the city.

Image courtesy: Indiantimes.com

The incessant rain has disrupted the normal lifestyle of the people living in Mumbai. Many damages were caused by the unexpected downpour. The Meteorological department has informed that there will be a sporadic rain over the next 24 hours and a probability of isolated heavy shower over some of the suburbs.

Many serious damages were already caused by the rain.  Waterlogging is expected in areas like Malabar Hill, Byculla, Kabutarkhana at Dadar, King Circle, Nagpada, Dadar TT, Santacruz (East) and Marol Maroshi, Hindmata, Andheri subway and Dharavi. The meteorological department has also predicted that isolated heavy showers may fall in places like central Maharashtra, coastal Karnataka, Kerala and Gujarat region for the next four to five days.

The local train service in Mumbai has been disrupted largely. Though it is reported by the authorities that rain service was provided at times. They still fear that the continuous rain may cause waterlogging at certain station disrupting the regular train service. Many arrangements were taken by the traffic police to ensure smooth traffic without any commotion.

The arrival of flights at right times was also disrupted. Even the main runway was closed for around 30 minutes yesterday. Even the roadway was heavily blocked when a wall of a building in Wadala East area collapsed in the morning. Several of the cars which were parked near the wall was crushed to pieces. The people in the entire wing of the building in the Wadali East India was vacated by firemen and Mumbai’s civic body.

The rain has already caused several damages to the public. Four people have been injured and one has died when a tree fell near Metro cinema in Dhobi Talao.

Germany vs. Sweden

The FIFA world cup match has started and is going on with lot of football players and fans praying for the victory of their favorite teams. The football teams of the country Germany and Sweden was going to meet each other in Fisht Olympic Stadium today at 2.00 pm.


Image courtesy: The Bavarians

Germany after the shocking defeat of 1-0 with Mexico, is going to set a fight with Sweden at 2 pm today. The match was to be held on Fisht Olympic Stadium.

This match is going to be a breath-taking one since Germany has to put all its strength in order to progress to the next level. Germany on its first match against Mexico in the opening Group F game suffered a shocking defeat at the rate of 1-0. German players and audience were extremely shocked and gazed at each other while scratching their head when Hirving Lozano scored the only goal of the game.

Sweden is going to pose a tough fight against Germany. They have strolled past South Korea in the first game. South Korea failed to score any goal.  Whereas Andreas Granqvist scored the winning goal from the penalty spot.

So this match is gonna be really interesting. Any results other than the victory of Germany was going to be really disastrous. So let’s wait and look forward to today’s results.


Sarkaar, the tittle of the new movie by thalapathi Vijay was announced today. After a long wait, the first outlook and the name of Thalapathi’s new film have been released today by 6’o clock. It has been released in Sun Pictures in their official page and also in the sun channel, Sun pictures being the producers of the new film.

The first look as always has never failed to attract the fans and the viewers. The film has aroused the expectation of many fans like the Mersal film of the last year.

The poster was so cool and stylish. It was designed by Gopi Prasanna, who designed the first look of the films Mersal and Theri. It was a political thriller movie. A strong social message was also expected in this movie. The music was directed by A. R. Rahman.

The film has the crew members of Thalapathi Vijay, Keerthi Suresh, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, etc under the direction of A.R. Murugadas. The film as the name suggests was a political story.

Sarkaar was to be released on Deepavali. The first look and the name have brought the Diwali celebration mode among the fans.

As Thalapathi’s other films like Kathi, Thuppaki, Theri and Mersal, no doubt this movie has attracted a lot of attention. Sarkaar has also become the first trending news today on Twitter. So the fans surely can await a colourful Thalapathi Diwali.

Big Boss

The countdown has started already for Big Boss Season 2. One day more to go. Big Boss the program of Vijay television which grabbed the attention of most of the people is about to start its second season from tomorrow. The countdown was started yesterday for the great new upcoming season.

image courtesy: NewsBugz

Vijay TV has conducted a program named as Big Boss last year which grabbed the attention of many viewers. The whole program will be conducted in a secluded house which is highly secured with nearly 60 cameras. Celebrities who participate in the show should stay in the house along with other mates for 100 days. Regular tasks and elimination rounds will be conducted.

Big Boss is an unidentified person who looks over the whole house and the candidates. He is the sole person who takes care of all the needs of the housemates, gives tasks and judgment. The decision of the Big Boss will be final and no changes will be done further. Rewards and incentives will be given to the players who win the tasks and punishments will be given to those who disobey the rules.


Image courtesy: Newsfolo

The first season attracted many viewers and the participants also received varied reactions from the viewers. Few participants were respected, few were resented and a few were loved. Few lucky participants got fan clubs started by the fans like Oviya army, Harish fan club, etc. The winner of the first season was Aarav.

The second season has equally grabbed the attention of many. Many celebrities like Shyam, Power star, Mirnalini, Sneha, Ramba, Rio, Vadivel Balaji, Sreeja, Krishna, etc were expected to participate in the second season. The actor and the politician, Kamal Hassan was expected to host the second season. Many changes were also made on the Big Boss house. A punishment room was included in this house. The house will be introduced to the viewers and the participants by the host.

There is no doubt that the second season is going to be very interesting with a lot of new debates. So let’s just wait and watch.