Youth icon’s born day

Yuvan Shankar Raja also popularly known as Youth icon is celebrating his 39th birthday on Friday.

Yuvan started his music career at the age of 16 in the year 1996 when he composed the film score for the movie Aravindhan. He made his first hit outcome with Thulluvatho Ilamai soundtrack.

He became famous in the mid 2000s and most sought after. He composed music for nearly 100 movies within a span of 15 years. Recently he composed his 125th film Irumbu Thirai.

In spite of being the youngest son of the most famous Indian film composer Maestro Ilaiyaraaja, he has his unique styles in composition of music. He is a versatile composer well known specially for his western music elements. He also started in Tamil Nadu the ‘era of remixes.’

All the celebrities are wishing Yuvan beautiful years ahead with a success in his musical career.

Asian games: Indian women’s hockey team to the finals

The Indian hockey team for women is entering the finals for the first time in a long period of two decades.

Indian women’s hockey team had a tough fight in the Asian games with the three times champion China. India finally won the semi-finals with the goal difference of 1-0.

The one goal was taken when Gurjit Kaur stroke the ball from the penalty corner at the 52nd minute. The match as a whole didn’t fit into the quality of the semi-finals.

In the finals India will fight against Japan. Japan proves to be a very difficult team. It has defeated the five times champion South Korea in the order of 2-0.

The Indian coach Sjoerd Marijne said that the girls stepped up in the second half though they did not show their potential in the first half. He also said that Japan would be a tough fight and the girls are ready to face it.

So lets just wait and cheer for our national sports players.

Stalin: President of DMK

M K Stalin has been unanimously selected as the president of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) on Tuesday. The party’s senior leader Duraimurugan has been chosen as the treasurer of the party.

After the death of the former chief minister Karunanithi, his party’s president position was left vacant. An election was held by the party to fill the president post. Karunanithi’s son M K Stalin who held the association of the youth until then was nominated as the new president to handle the party. No one volunteered to oppose Stalin for the position of president.

The party’s general secretary K. Anbazhagan announced Stalin as the president of the party. He said 1,307 nominations were recorded supporting the presidentship of Stalin. The senior leader of the party Duraimurugan was chosen as the new treasurer of DMK party.

As soon as the announcement was made the General Council members appreciated the new leadership with applause. The other hundreds of party workers who waited outside the headquarters celebrated the occassion with firecrackers. The DMK party is now ready to work with a new vigour in pursuing further dreams under the new president.

Roger Federer retires

The greatest tennis player Roger Federer has announced his retirement from the grandslams.

Roger Federer an equal rival of Rafel Nadal has announced that he is going to retire from attending the grandslams.

Federer is now 36 years old. He said that it was a really hard decision that he had made. He has had several plans that wished to fulfill before his retirement. He said that he was disappointed as he was not able to fulfill them.

After his terrible performance and loss in his latter performances in France and California he has felt like retiring in 2018. Also Federer has a bionic knee and said that he could not do the game any longer.

He said that his love for sports and his performances with the greatest players makes it really hard for him to make this decision. He said that he would return to Swiss to spent time with his family after he completes his obligations of 2018. After retirement he is planning to join Rafa’s team to teach him some better moves.

We are really lucky to watch a great tennis legend playing before us. Yet a bit disappointed for his early retirement.

Neeraj Chopra

Neeraj Chopra won the first gold medal for India in the javelin throw.

The Asian games were being conducted in Indonesia. India so far has collected 8 gold 13 silver and 20 bronze medals.

The javelin games were conducted on the 9th day of the Asian games. Chopra, a 20 year-old young player played for India. He has got 6 attempts out which two attempts (second and the sixth) turned to be a

foul. He started the game with a good start of 83.46m.

The third attempt proved to be a very elegant success as his throw reached upto 88.06m. By this new record Chopra has broken down his own national record of the previous year. Last year Chopra recorded 87.43 m in the national level. By his new reach of 88.06m he has proved himself better again.

The Chinese player Cheng Chao Tsun was expected to be the best rival for Chopra. But unfortunately he did not even crosss 80m. Chopra has better record than the player Liu Qizhen who recived the second place.

Chopra said that he was well trained and was focused on recieving the gold medal. He dedicated the medal to the late former Indian Prime Minister Atal Biharee Vajpai.

Asian games: Day 7

The Asian games for the year 2018 are being held in Indonesia. Many countries including India are doing their best in winning medals.

Today is the 7th day of the match. India has won 4 medals today including one gold and three bronze medals thereby winning a total of 29.

The highlight of today’s game is Tajinderpal Singh Toor. He has made a new record in the game of shortput by a great throw of 20.75 meters. He has collected the 7th gold for India in the Asian games.

The other players who won bronze medal include Dipika Palikal, Joshana Chinapa and Sourav Goshal in the game of squash.

Hima Das, Nirmala Sheoran, Dutee Chand, Mohammad Anas and Akoria Rajiv were qualified to move further into the respective finals. Sreeshankar and Chetan are selected for the finals in long jump and high jump respectively.

Sarkar audio launch

There has been an updated news regarding Thalapathy 60 movie Sarkar audio launch.

The combo of A. R. Murugadas and Thalapathy Vijay has been doing a shoot on the new movie Sarkar. The first look of the movie has been released already.

Though not announced officially there were reports stating that the audio launch of the movie will be on September. The music of the movie was done by A. R. Rahman. The host has planned for a great audio launch sometime during next month.

The shoot for the film was almost over. Nearly 80% of the shoot is completed and the team is expected to wrap up by August. Some of the works of the movie like dubbing, song sequence, etc were being done rapidly.

The movie was to hit the stage on Diwali. It was produced with grandeur by the Sun pictures in a big budget. A huge ouput can be expected from the movie as it is a great combo of legends Thalapathy Vijay, A. R. Rahman and A. R. Murugadas.

Viswasam- Thala new release

Thalai Ajith’s new movie’s first look has been released today. The movie has been titled as ‘Viswasam.’

After three combos with director Shiva in the movies of Veeram, Vedhalam and Vivekam actor Ajith is doing yet another combo for the new movie Viswasam. The movie was produced by Sathya Jyothi films.

The first look of the movie has been released on Thursday. The firstlook shows two pictures of Ajith, one with a young vibrant look in red shirt. The other was the Thala’s classic salt and pepper look.

Ajith is expected to play the role of a cop in this movie. The female lead was done by Nayanthara. Other actors in the movie include Vicekh, Robot Shankar, Anikha, Yogi Babu, etc . The team has announced that the movie will be released on the January of 2019 as a pongal release.

Actor Vijay contributes to the flood

The recent monsoon rain has caused a great disaster to Kerala. The continuous rain over a period of two months has filled all the dams in Kerala resulting in flood in almost all the districts.

The flood has killed nearly 400 people. Also 7,25,000 people are sheltered in flood relief camps. Measures were taken to reduce the spread of epidemic in the state.

Funds were sent to help the people with food, clothing and medical supplies. From small children to celebrities and politicians are contributing according to their kind-heartedness to the people of Kerala. People are showing their love for humanity by contributing funds and products.

Yesterday UAE has donated Indian worth of 700 crore rupees for the affected areas. Indian celebrities in spite of language and geographical barriers are giving funds to help the affected people.

Thalapathi Vijay, a Tamil actor has contributed about 70 lakhs to the people of Kerala. Vijay has actually sent the fund to the bank accounts of the members in his fan clubs in Kerala. He has asked them to go directly and help the people who were in need of relief and rehabilitation.

Vijay is the one who has contributed a large sum of money among the actors in India. Even the fanclubs of Vijay are doing great help in rescuing th people and has sent many trucks of products.

Rescue in Kerala

Kerala, an Indian state has been seriously affected by the recent continuous monsoon rainfall and the flood. The whole state was totally disrupted from the disaster. Many people lost their lives, livelihood and their belongings.

The rain has subsided after a long time for the last two days. Therefore rescue measures were taken in full speed. Fishermen, disaster rescue team and military went to many worst hit areas rescuing people.

Nearly 22,000 people were rescued so far. Nearly 7,25,000 were kept safely in about 5,645 relief camps around the state. Report says that nearly 370 people have lost their life because of the monsoon.

Rescue measures were taken in full force. Food and other necessities were supplied to the people through helicopters. People stranded in houses were rescued on boat and were kept in flood relief camps.

Anil Vasudevan, head of disaster management team has said that measures were being taken to prevent the outbreak of any epidemics.

Many hearts with humanity have come forward to donate and help the state’s recovery. Indian prime miniter Mr. Narendra Modi visited the affected area. He offered to give 5bn Indian money to help in the recovering of the state. The UAE have come forward to provide neraly 700 crores worth of money for the rescue neasure. Many people are willing come forward to help to rebuild Kerala.

Therefore it is belived that situation can be brought under control. The houses of people are filled with mud and there is a high probability of witnessing snakes in houses. Therefore people are expected to stay in the relief camps for the time being.