Tsunami struck Indonesia

On Friday Tsunami struck Sulawesi, an island of Indonesia killing nearly 384 people.

On 28 September an earthquake rating upto 7.5 magnitudes. This caused the the sudden raise of water entering upto 800 meters into the island. The water smashed into two cities out of which the city of Palu is damaged greatly.

Nearly 384 peope died, 540 were injured and treated in local hospitals among destruction since the hospitals were also greatly damaged. 29 peope are still missing.

Disaster Management Agency Spokesman Sutopo said that there is a chance for the rise of death toll. He has asked the people to stay away from the buildings in the open grounds in case more disaster may happen because of the after-effects.

The city is without any electricity supply or mobile networks. The place is totally ruined making it more difficult for the rescue activities.

Ranbir Kapoor -“Happy birthday Sunshine”

Ranbir Kapoor celebrated his 36th birthday on Friday.

The hero of the day celebrated his birthday with a small get together. The family gathering consisted of Ranbir, his girlfriend Alia Bhatt and their mothers along with Neetu Kapoor. The family posed for a pic which was uploaded in the social media.

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia were working together in Brahmastra which is to be released in 2019. The duo Ranbir and Alia are spotted outside often. They take pictures and share in the social media which has becomes viral. Alia shares many pics taken by Ranbir.

On Friday Alia has posted a picture of Rabir Kapoor with a big smile on his face. She posted it with a caption “Happy sunshine.” This picture received nearly 10 lakhs likes and counting in just about 2 hours.

Ranbir has also given an early birthday celebration to Alia bhutt and some of the famous friends including Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Karan Johar. They have shared a beautiful picture of their gathering in the social media.

Google Celebrates its 20th birthday

Google, a popular search engine initiated by two Stanford Ph. D scholars was incorporated on September 4, 1998. However it celebrates the occasion on 27th of September. Thus on Thursday Google celebrates its 20th birthday.

The Google doodle of 2018 became viral. It shows the various fields that Google enables the users a free access. From food, planets, how to dance and pets to the languages of the world, Google answers all the questions put forth by the user.

Google has developed into a most widely used search engine. Google is accessible now in over 150 languages in more than 190 countries. It is still an useful and efficient tool in all the fields. Google has become almost an unavoidable feature in the modern world of technology.

As always it is increasing its efficiency by every year and is introducing many modern and new features to match the fast growing technologies. It can present any news and information in an updated version.

As a special trait, Google never fails to thank its users. Even in the birthday doodle Google thanks the viewers in almost all the language it accesses.

Adhaar Act held valid with some restrictions

The Adhaar Act issued by the government was held valid by the Supreme Court with few restrictions.

The government of India has ordered all its citizens to get their Adhaar cards. Many welfare schemes and other offers were given only to those citizens who has their Adhaar cards.

The Adhaar card contains the personal details of an individual including the biometric and the demographic details of the same. SC decided to inquire whether the Adhaar Act of 2016 is valid when the citizen’s privacy is considered to be a fundamental right.

Today a five-judge constitutional bench inquired the issue and ordered the Adhaar act to be valid with some restrictions.

The various restrictions are that the private companies and institutions cannot demand Adhaar card from an individual. They are not compulsory for the school admissions. All the welfare schemes offered by the government will not be denied to the individuals who failed to have authentication through the Adhaar card.

Next SC demanded that the 12 digit Adhaar number should be added to the PAN information for the filing of tax returns.

The court declared that over one billion Indians have signed for the Adhaar card already. It also condemned passing the Adhaar card as a money bill stating that it is a fraud on Constitution.

It has also warned the government not to issue Adhaar card for the illegal immigrants. It also said that the Adhaar card is not corrupting the privacy of any individuals.

India Vs Afghanistan

India after her successful victory in all the three matches in Asia Cup is playing aginst Afghanistan on Tuesday.

In the Asia Cup 2018, India has won all the three matches against Hong Kong and Pakista (twice). On Tuesday India and Afghanistan match was conducted in Dubai.

Indian team is playing under the captaincy of the Cool captain. This is the 200th ODI match which was lead under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. Rohit Sharma was made to rest from this match.

The Afghanistan started the bating first. They have scored 252/8. Indian team, five players were added including Rahul, Pandey, Kaul, Ahmed and Chahar. India is now striving hard to reach the goal against Afghanistan. India is batting now very precisely to win the match.

Indian Naval Officer Abhilash Tomy was rescued

The Indian Naval Officer who was carried off lands by a violent storm has been rescued and shifted safely to the French Fishing Vessel Osiris.

The Indian Naval Officer Abilash Tomy set on a Golden Globe Race around the world. This race involves the circumnavigation of the world. The distance covers around 30,000 miles. The race should be done solely in a yacht without any modern technologies except for the communication aids. A race like this was conducted 50 years back.

The 39 year-old Naval Officer faced a heavy storm on Friday. The wind was said to have blown at a speed of 130 kmph, and the waves rising to a height of 10 meters. On this storm the mast of the yacht was lost. Tomy also was severely injured on his back.

The rescue team was not able to find the yacht since they were completely cut off from the communication. The injury prevented Tomy from approaching the second satellite phone or the handheld VHF radio to call for help. However it was said that he left a message on his injury with a note to bring a stretcher with them.

However on Friday he was traced by Indian Navy Reconnaissance aircraft and was rescued by the French Fishing vessel Osiris on Monday. He was found approximately 1,900 nautical miles from Perth, Australia. An Australian Naval Ship HMAS Ballarat has left from Perth to rescue Tomy. He was reported to be conscious and that he will be brought back safely to India.

Vijay- Best International actor award

Thalapathy Vijay of Tamil Nadu won the International best actor award for his film Mersal.

The International Achievement Recognitions Award (IARA), a London based company have honoured Vijay with the Best International Actor award 2018. IARA honours the outstanding talents in the arts and entertainment industry.

The film Mersal was directed by Atlee. The music was done by A. R. Rahman. This movie starred other stars like Nithya Menan, Kajal Agarwal, Samantha, SJ Surya, Vadivel, etc. This movie was produced by Thenandal Films with a budget of over Rs. 120 crores.

The movie earned nearly Rs. 251 crores coming next to Baahubali. The movie has collected a number of awards already. The film won the Best Foreign Language Film at the National Film Awards UK 2018 in April.

Wishes were gathering for actor Vijay and the film group from leaders and others in the social media.

Bishop arrested in Kerala

Franco Mulakkal, a bishop from Kerala has been arrested on Friday for allegedly raping a Kerala nun.

After several protests to take action on the Bishop, Franco Mulakkal was arrested. Since he complained of chest pain he was admitted in the hospital and was discharged on the following morning. The court has cancelled the bail petirion and he was to be kept under the police custody until 24th September.

Throughout the trial the bishop responded in the court with a smile, refusing his charges. He was arrested after 3 days of questioning and was produced in the court on Friday.

The case was filed that the nun was raped and subjected to unnatural sex 13 times between 2014 to 2016. The nun was confined in the guest house by the bishop on May 5, 2014. Witnesses stated that the bishop conducted a new form of worship called “a day of prayer with the Shepherd.” These prayer meets were conducted on the 3rd Friday of every month for the whole night. During this prayer the nuns were supposed to meet the Bishop seperately to share their personal problems. It was at this time that the Bishop misbehaved with the nuns.

In spite of several locations for the bishop to stay, he always preferred to stay at the Kuruvilangaadu convent. This convent was situated in an isolated location with three young nuns. The nun in Kerala, alleged of rape said that the bishop sexually abused her during his visit to a convent in the Kottayam district.

Franco Mulakkal was seen smiling throughout the hearing. The court ordered that the samples for test should not be taken from the bishop by force.

Kerala government has assured to probe through the case with the Special Team and said that the justice will be ensured.

Happy Birthday Karina

Karina Kapoor Khan, the Bollywood actress celebrated her 38th birthday along with her family on Friday.

She along with her husband Saif Ali Khan, in-laws and family had a gala time at the stroke of 12. Karina has shared the pics from the birthday celebration. She cutted a cake in which said, “You are our rockstar.”

Karina was a famous actress of the Hindi film industry. She was both an actress and a fashion designer. She has acted in many genres of films including dramatic comedies to thriller and dramas. She has acted in blockbuster movies like Khabi Khushi khabhie Gham, 3 Idiots, Chameli, Omkara, etc.

She has won Filmfare awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the romantic comedy Jab We Met and drama We Are Family respectively.

She married the actor Saif Ali Khan with whom she had a son. Along with acting she has taken many other roles in society including the fashion designer, co-writer for three books including her autobiographical memoir. She has also worked in UNICEF to advocate education for girls and to provide a quality based education in India.

The Iron Lady – first look

The firstlook poster of the Jayalalitha’s biopic is released today by A. R. Murugadas.

From being a most appreciable actress to a strong-willed politician, the late Jayalalitha is remembered by all the people. Especially she has showed her general care to people during her political leadership that the people of Tamil Nadu call her as ‘Amma’.

Jayalalitha biopic was produced by Vibri media. The information has raised a lot of expectation from the people. The news has spread a wildfire on social media. The netizens are pouring in their suggestions on the choice of heroine who would take the portrait of Jayalalitha. It is said that Nithya Menon will be taking the lead role and Varalakshmi takes the role of Sashikala.

The movie was to be released on the birthday of the former CM Jayalalitha. The biopic was directed by Priyadharshini. Jayalalitha bipoic has been named as The Iron Lady.

The biopics has developed in a wider range now along with the increasing interest among the people. Thus in that order after NTR biopic, the same media is also producing The Iron Lady. The former CM Jayalalitha passed away because of health issues on December 5, 2016.