Congo Becomes the 2nd Worst Affected by Ebola

Congo of Africa has now been recorded as the second highest to be affected worsely by Ebola virus by WHO.

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WHO has already suspected 426 cases in Congo in which 379 victims were confirmed of the ebola attack and 47 were probable ones. According to a report given on August, 198 were confirmed of death. Congo has been declared so, based on the fact that the rate of contamination is high in spite of the number of ebola immunity drugs administered to the people.

Actions were being taken in a very faster rate since the rate of ebola attack on the new born babies is increasing gradually. The local rebels and few factors remain a hindrance for the treatment stated the officials.

The first major outbreak took place in West Africa killing almost 11,000 people between the years 2014 to 2016. Africa has been facing a lot of crisis for the past few years. Though Congo has faced the ebola outbreak nearly 10 times now this one proves to be looming large and very challenging.

2.0 Review

Superstar Rajinikanth starrer 2.0 has been released today. As the whole lot of people was waiting for this movie since its trailer, theatres announced housefull within minutes of opening the counter.

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2.0 is the highest budgeted movie in India directed by Shankar. This movie is an extension of sci-fiction film named Enthiran.

Top most actors like Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson take the lead roles in the movie. The movie is all about the digital clash between two technological monsters, Chitti version 2.0 and Pakshiraja. Amy Jackson has taken the role of a humanoid robot assisting scientist Vasheekaran (Rajinikanth).

The movie almost meets the expectation of the viewers inspite of the hint of storyline revealed in the trailer.

Superstar star releases

Petta, the new Bollywood movie under the acting of Superstar rajinikanth is to be released on Pongal.

The fans are getting all ready for the sci-fic movie 2.0 which is gonna be released tomorrow (Thursady). It is the second part of the movie Enthiran. The movie was directed under director Shankar and in the acting of Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson, etc.

The new movie Petta is produced by Sun Pictures. The lead role is taken by Rajinikanth. The other major roles in the movie is taken by actors like Vijay Sathupathi, Simran and other prominant actors. This 165th film of Rajinikanth was directed by Karthik Subaraj.

Suresh Raina Turns 32

Suresh Raina, Indian International player is celebrating his 32nd birthday on Tuesday.

Suresh Raina, the second ever youngest cricketer to captain Indian cricket team is turning 32 on Tuesday. He is a left hander and a best fielder in the international cricket.

He is the player in ODIs and IPL matches. He has recorded century in both these matches. He has also played in the T20 matches for the Chennai Super Kings. He has also scored century in T20 becoming the first Indian to hit century in all three formats of matches.

He is receiving wishes in the social media. Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and Virendra Shewag has posted wishes to him along with captured memories. The entire criket team is sending wiahes blessing him beautiful life ahead.

Mary Kom Six Times World Champion

Mary Kom became the first woman boxer to win the world championship for the sixth time.

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Mary Kom, the Manipuri woman is a very tough player determined to find her dreams. Women’s World Championship is conducted at KD Jadhav Indoor Stadium in New Delhi on Saturday. In the finals Mary Kom palyed against the Ukraine player, Hannah Okhota. Kom has defeated her in an unanimous 5-0 in the 48 kg. This is the seventh medal won by Kom including 6 golds and one silver.

With this winning she has become the first woman to win 6 gold medals. With this medal she has also matched Felix Savon of Cuba as the joint most successful boxers.

Mary Kom has dedicated her sixth gold medal to her country. She has won the world championship before in 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2010.

American Missionary Killed by the Sentinal Tribe

John Allen Chau, an US missionary was killed by a tribe living in the forbidden Andaman islands.

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Chau is an American missionary determined to take risks to proclaim Christianity among the tribal people who are living away from the modern world. Thus he set on his mission towards the North Sentinel Island. This island has tribes who never wish to connect themselves to the broad world outside.

Chau has attempted many times to reach that island before. Once he was shot by a young tribe with an arrow which he stated “pierced his waterproof Bible.” He sought the help of the local fisherman to set on his last trip towards the Sentinelese. He travelled in the dark in order to escape from the navy and patrol since it is illegal to go to the tribe.

However the fishermen has reported that they saw the tribe dragging John towards the shore and burying him in the sand. The police from the city of Port Blair, capital of Andaman and Nicobar islands are discussing to sent a helicopter and a group of officials to access if they can recover the young missionary.

Chau has left a short diary of 13 pages written with pen and pencil to the fishermen who took him to the island. The diary shows his determined mind to redeem the people no matter what happens to him.

Nick Jonas has set for India

Getting ready for another celebrity couple!!! Nick Jonas is departing in India soon for his wedding.

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Just now the Bollywood world enjoyed a great wedding of the celebrity stars Ranveer Singh and Deepika in Italy. Now its time to get ready for the next couple, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas.

The international star Priyanka Chopra has announced her wedding with the singer Nick Jonas lately. Their engagement took place in India in the traditional way. Even Nick’s parents were there at the engagement.

Since the couple’s wedding was planned on 2nd and 3rd of December the groom has arrived. Yesterday Nick shared a pic taken with one of his fans on board. Nick’s family is also expected to join him by the weekend.

India was beaten by 4 runs

Australia won India with a leading of 4 runs in the T20 series held in Brisbane.

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The T20 series consisting of 3 matches between Australia and India started on Wednesday. The first match was held at Brisbane.

India decided to field first inspite of winning the toss. The Australian players didn’t have a good start though. They managed to score 158 runs by the end of 17 overs. Finally 174 runs is set as the target to India.

However, Wednesday or Brisbane something didnt work out for our players too. India’s best batsmen returned to pavilion with less runs. Shikar Dawan fought his way to score more than 70 runs. Finally the destiny turned to the side of Australia. India scored only 169 runs.

By this victory Australia is now leading the series with 1-0 points.

Deepika Ranveer Share their Captured Moments

The beautiful couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika share the beautiful moments captured from the wedding.

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The most beautiful couple got married a week ago. We got some few pics of the couple at the wedding ceremony from far off. We waited long enough for the real ones right!!!

The couple posted nearly 10 pictures from their wedding which was held in Italy. The pictures reveal the lovely couples in the traditional wedding clothes with warm bright smiles.

A Day for Men to Celebrate

Intetnational Men’s day is celebrated throughout the world on November 19.

November, 19 in 2018 falls on Monday to celebrate the men’s world with a theme ‘Positive Male Role Models.’

Like women’s day, International Men’s day is also celebrated throughout the world though most people are unaware of it.

This day is celebrated to ensure men’s helath and wellbeing. It is also celebrated to heal the scarred hearts of men and to relieve them from social problems.

A report says that in UK the suicide rate of men is three time higher than that of women. Therefore this day is remembered to propose men of good mental health and to create an awareness on their physical health.

International Men’s Day is first inaugrated in the 1992 February. Later is was revived to November 19 by Jerome Teelucksingh in remembrance of his father.