Cyclone Fani Headed towards Odisha

The Metereological department has warned that the cyclone Fani has turned into a severe storm in the south-west Bay of Bengal and is expected to cross Odisha on May 3.

The cyclone is likely to cause slight to medium rainfall in the northern Tamil Nadu. However, when it crosses Odisha, serious damages might occur to the landscape because of the severe storm. Many safety measures were being taken in a war footing view.

The Army and Air Forces were set at ready pace to meet the calamity. Medical supplies and other necessities were prepared well to meet any need. NDRF has already prepositioned nearly 41 teams.

Deep Depression forms into Cyclone Fani

According to IMD, a deep depression has formed in the Bay of Bengal which is likely to turn into a cyclonic storm. This cyclone is named as Fani.

The Regional Metereological department has announced that light rain can be expected in the northern Tamil Nadu. The cyclone is said to pass at the speed of 18 Km/hr. Fishermen were warned not to go near Southeast Bay of Bengal for two days.

Also peninsular India and Sri Lanka were asked to take safety measures that might occur because of the cyclonic storm.

Image courtesy: Skymet Weather

MI Vs. CSK Rivalry

Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians are having their rivalry match on Friday.

CSK vs MI is considered to be the greatest rivalry teams in the history of IPL. The teams have played around 27 matches with major victories secured by MI.

In the IPL T20 2019, CSK has secured the first place with 8 victories in the 11 matches played. MI has secured the third place after DC with 6 victories in the 10 matches played.

In todays match MI has batted first gaining 155 runs in the twenty overs with 6 wickets. CSK has started to bat. The competition was looked forward by the eager audience cheering the teams.

First Indian to be Elected in Japan

Puranik Yogendra, generally called as “Yogi” becomes the first man of pure Indian origin to be elected in the Japan election.

He was elected on the election to the Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward assembly with the fifth highest ballots cast to his name in Tokyo. He secured a total of 6,477 votes.

Yogi was from Pune. He first arrived in Japan in 1997 for his University education. He came back to his homeland for a brief time. He returned again to Japan and resided in Edogawa Ward since 2005. He strengthened his bond with Japan after the tsunami attack of 2011.

Image courtesy: Latestly

After his victory, Yogi declared, “I want to be a bridge between Japanese and foreigners.”

TikTok Ban Lifted

The Mdurai High Court lifted the ban it issued on the Chinese app TikTok.

Image courtesy: ABP Live

The High Court in Madurai issued an order to the Central government to ban the TikTok app saying that it has taken no measure to control the pornographic content. Following this, requests were made to the Google and Apple platforms to stop the app from appearing in their play stores.

However, on Wednesday the ban was lifted as the company submitted records on the mechanism that they have to keep the content in order. The court also issued warning on actions that might follow if the mechanism were found at fault.

Third Phase Lok Sabha Election

Third phase of the Lok Sabha Election 2019 was held on Tuesday, April 23. The election was held for 116 seats in total.

Lok Sabha election is being held in seven phase all around the country. Since two phases were already over, the third phase was conducted on Tuesday.

The states in which election was held includes Gujarat, Kerala, Assam, Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, west Bengal, Gos, Dadra, Nagar Haveli, Daman, Diu and Tirpura.

The polling was held peacefully with people from all sorts casting their votes enthusiastically. However, one man was killed outside the election booth in Murshidabad, while 2 were injured. One tribal woman died while she was standing in the queue to cast her vote.

Source: The Hindu

ISIS held Responsible for Sri Lanka Blast

The ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the Easter Sunday attack on Sri Lanka.

The serial blasts on the Easter Sunday in and around the capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo killed 300 people and injured nearly 500. The attack took place in famous churches and Five-star hotel which proved to be a barbarous attack. The killed people includes 35 foreigners, with 8 people from India.

The local government suspected the local Islamist group, National Towheeth Jama’ath responsible for the attack. However, a video was posted online by some affiliated group, suggesting ISIS to be responsible for the Easter horror in Sri Lanka. This claim was not defended by the group.

Source: NDTV

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day was celebrated by UNESCO every year on April 23rd.

Image courtesy: Two Sides

This day was dedicated to the book lovers and great writers of all times. On this day all the writers of the world who wrote for joy, entertainment, and all other didactic writers were recognized.

UNESCO celebrates this particular day to encourage reading and to create awareness on the need for educating young minds around the world.

Audrey Azoulay, Director General of UNESCO declared the theme for the World Book Day 2019, “Books are a form of cultural expression that lives through and as part of chosen language… To reaffirm the commitment of the international community of supporting indigenous people to preserve their cultures, knowledge and rights.”

Earthquake Hits Phillipines

Imahe courtesy: Phillipine star

An earthquake of magnitude 6.1 hit the capital city of Manila in Phillipines shaking the skyscrapers off the ground.

The earthquake was recorded to be powerful as it destroyed few big buildings of the city. Five people were found dead and crushed amongst the ruins.

Rescue teams were having a hard time to rescue others because the power has been shut off. When the earthquake hit, the workers from the building gathered in the road for safety.