World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day is followed on 31st May annualy by World Health Organization (WHO).

The theme for the year 2019 is “Tobacco and lung health.”

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Tobacco causes many disorders and diseases in human beings. In order to create awareness on the negative effects of the use of tobacco, World No Tobacco Day is remebered by WHO encouraging awareness campaigns.

Many campaigns were conducted in several countries on this day to create awareness on the various diseases and the second hand effects on exposure to tobacco.

Usage and second hand exposure to tobacco is likely to cause lung cancer, tuberculosis, chronic respiratory disorders and several other diseases.

Modi takes Oath as PM

Narendra Modi takes oath for the second time as the Prime Minister of India.

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The event took place in the Rashtrapathi Bhavan. This is the biggest event that has taken place ever in Rashtrapti Bhavan. Over 8,000 audience including leaders from different parties, ambassaders, celebrities and other hounararies gathered to bless the ceremony.

Along with PM Modi 57 ministers took the oath.

After the oath a gala tea party and snacks are prepared for the guests gathered in the ceremony. President Ram Nath Govind is to host dinner for the guests at the ceremony.

Andhra Pradesh CM Jahan Mohan Reddy took the Oath

Jaganmohan Reddy of YRS Congress took the oath on Thursday as the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh.

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YRS Congress under the leadership of 46-year-old Jahan Mohan Reddy gained a mass victory in the Lok Sabha election. It gained 151 members out of 175 in the state assembly. 22 out of 25 seats in Lok Sabha is occupied by YRS party.

The oath was taken under the leadership of the governor E S L Narasimhan by 12.23 pm with a cheer of a large crowd that gathered to witness the event.


Netizens goes head over heels for #Nesamani praying for his return safely after being hitted by a hammer.

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A famous comedy scene of Vadivelu (Tamil comedian) goes trending in Twitter. In a film he has acted as a painting contractor. While giving instructions to his workers, he was hitted by a hammer which accidentaly falls from the hand of his cousin.

This meme went trending in Twitter within seconds with the #Pray_For_Nesamani sending worldwide netizens pray for the soon recovery of injured Nesamani. The meme was tweeted in the offical accounts of the world leaders and many groups including Chennai super Kings.

No wonder the whole world is praying for the soon recovery of Nesamani and the story of hammer goes all over internet.

Two Russian Cosmonauts Spacewalk outside ISS

Two Russian cosmonauts were set out on a spacewalk expedition for 6.5 hours on the orbit.

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The expedition began today as Olen Kononenko and Alexy Ovchinin, the two Russian cosmonauts step out of the International Space Station.

The cosmonauts came out in their Russian space suit with red and blue strips respectively by 11.42 a.m. EDT for a 6.5 hour spacewalk. The spacewalk was streamed online in the NASA television.

This is Kononenko’s fifth spacewalk expedition and the latters first expedition.

World Cup 2019: India Vs. Bangladesh

The World Cup 2019 matches have begun and got the attention of the cricket lovers already.

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India lost its first match with New Zeland. It entered its second match with a energetic spirit to fight back Bangladesh. Bangladesh won the toss and decided to bowl first.

Indian players showed their best on ground. Dhoni, ‘the cool captain’ hit a mass 113 runs in 78 deliveries. He was followed by KL Rahul in run scoring with 108 runs in 99 balls. India by the end of 50 overs scored 359 runs with 7 wickets. Bangladesh is fighting back with a score of 114 with 2 wickets by the end of 22.4 overs.

Rahul and Dhoni who has propelled the score rate of India was getting all over Twitter. Many Tweets pop up in Twitter over Dhoni’s century.

Nehru Death Anniversary

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is honored today following his 55th death anniversary.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’ s first Prime Minister died on 27 May, 1964. He was one of the most precious leader whom India will ever treasure. He was a great freedom fighter, activist and a writer who has given serious lessons through his letters to his daughter Indhira Gandhi.

Following his death anniversary, leaders including Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and PM Modi has tweeted honoring the great leader.

Congress Working Committee

Following a diasatrous failure in the Lok Sabha election 2019, Congress gathered today for a meet in the working committee.

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The meeting was assigned to analyze the points that they missed to approach and tackle correctly in the process of the past election.

In the meeting it is said that Rahul Gandhi offered to resign from his post as chief of the party. But his appeal was rejected by the party members.

Modi is to be inaugrated again as the Prime Minister of India on 30th of May.

National Brother’s Day

May 24th is celebrated as a National Brother’s Day.

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The day was marked to celebrate the brotherly love that people share. Brotherhood is very essential in the life of every people. Brothers give a feeling of protection and safety. They are the figures who can be approached freely without any hesitation.

Brothers are truly an emblem of love, affection and protection. This day was founded by C. Daniel Rhodes of US.

BJP Sets Up for another Five Years

PM Modi’s party gets the second huge victory in the history of India by gaining a majority.

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After its victory, BJP held a gathering celebrating its success. PM Modi delivered a grand victory speech. He said that India has only two divisions now with poor people on one side. Congress has lost the chance of being the opposite party.

Leaders from many countries have called Modi to congratulate him on his victory. PM Modi has promised to transform India by 2022.