Chemical Factory Blast in Maharashtra

A Chemical factory in the Dhule district of Maharashtra blasted on the Saturday morning killing nearly 13 people.

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Report says that nearly 100 people were working in the factory when the blast took place and 58 people were injured. The chemical factory was situated in the Waghadi Village of Dhule district.

Reports tell that a leakage in one of the cylinders have caused the serial blast of all the nitrogen cylinders placed in the factory. The blast happened around 9:45 am on Saturday.

Disaster management and fire brigade were brought to the place to turn off the fire. The Chief Minister has announced his grief regarding the incident. ₹5 lakh was to be given to the families of the affected.

Elavenil Valarivan Wins Gold

Elavenil Valarivan of India grabs her first gold medal in the ISSF World Cup tournament for shooting. She defeated Seonid Mcintosh of Great Britain with 251.7 points in the 10m Air Rifle for Women and grabbed her first gold.

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The ISSF World Cup tournament is a qualifier round for the Olympics. As the competitions were being held currently, the Indian women athletes including PV Sindhu have given their best to grab gold and become the best in the world scenario. In this list is added the 20-year-old Elavenil Valarivan.

She competed in the 10m Air Rifle competition for the women. She scored 251.7 points. The play was conducted in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday. Wishes were pouring for Elavenil Valarivan for her determined performance.

National Sports Day 2019

The National Sports Day is celebrated on the 29th of August.

This day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand.

On this day awareness were spread on the importance of sports and other daily exercises to maintain a physical fitness to lead a healthy life.

The day is celebrated in a special way by honouring the various sports personalitites with awards such as Arjun awards, Khel Ratna, Dronacharya and Dhyan Chand awards. The President of India honours the eminent sports winners with these awards.

On this year 2019, the winners of the various awards mentioned above include Deepa Malik (para-Athletics), Bajrang Punia (wrestling), Ravindra Jadeja (cricket), Sonia Lather (boxing), Sandeep Gupta (table tennis), Mezban Patel (hockey) and many others.

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Manasi Joshi Wins the First Gold at BWF

The Indian Badminton player Manasi Joshi, wins the first gold in the BWF Para Badminton World Championships.

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The player met the three time SL3 world Champion Parul Parmar on the BWF Para Badminton World Championship conducted at Basel, Switzerland on August 25. Though the begining of the game was a bit slow with a set score of 2-7, Joshi proved to be the best. She defeated Parmer with the best difference of 21-12, 21-7.

Joshi was thirty-years-old. She met with an accident in 2011. Then, she lost her left leg and suffered from severe muscle injury. A bold personality, she was determined to overcome her loss. She started to play badminton since 2015. Her hardwork and never ending determination to reach her goal, took her to her destination.

She announced that this medal was a dream come true for her. Joshi was the first person to win the gold medal in the Para BWF World Championship from India.

Sumit Nagal gives a Gutsy Fight to Federer

Sumit Nagal, the young Indian player gives a gutsy fight to the 20-times Grand Slam champion Roger Federer.

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The Arthur Ashe Stadium saw a great competition between the best player Roger Federer and the new emerging star Sumit Nagal of India. Sumit gave a tough fight to the top player Federer. The first set remained a piece of cake for Sumit. He won the first set with the set score of 6-4.

However, the 20 times winner of Grand Slam have his own experience. He once again proved strong despite the shaky start. Federer defeated Sumit around the remaining three sets.

Federer won the game with the set score of 4-6, 6-1, 6-2 and 6-4. This match always remains a special one in the history, for no one expected 190th ranked player to give a tough, gutsy fight to the top Tennis player of the world.

Sumit Nagal was a 22-year-old Indian player from Haryana. Appreciations were pouring for Sumit for the brave fight that he set to the top world player on his debut in the USOpen.

International Dog Day 2019

The Dog Day was celebrated internationally on the 26th of August.

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Dogs are one of the most favourite pet type adored by people for their beauty and varied talents. History traces that dogs were the first animals to be bred by human. Even dogs have adapted themselves to the human behaviour and their food habits.

There are several breeds of dogs varying in their physical characteristics and behaviour. Few varieties of dogs were used for hunting, while others were adored for their beautiful appearance.

Dogs can specially bond themselves with the people who feed them. They are rightly called as “man’s best friend.” There are millions of records of dogs that were faithful to their owners to the extent of giving their own lives.

The World Dogs Day was started by The Vanderpump Dog Foundation in the year 2016. This is a special foundation for dogs to create awareness about dog abuses and teaching people the different ways to protect them. This foundation has rescued and re-homed nearly 1000s of dogs.

Arun Jaitley, the BJP Veteran Passes Away

Arun Jaitley, the former Minister of Finance and Defence passed away because of ill health on Saturday.

Arun Jaitely was a diabetic. He was suffering from ill health for a long time now. He even underwent a bariatric surgery on September 2014 and a renal treatment last year. Jaitley didnt participate in the last Lok Sabha election owing to his ill health.

He was admitted in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences on August 9. He was treated by a group of multidisciplinary senior doctors and was treated under a life support system. However, the treatment that went on for weeks was not successfull. The hospital declared on Saturday, “It is profound grief that we inform about the sad demise of Arun Jaitley, the former minister of government of India, at 12.07 pm on August 24”.

McDonalds: Halal Criticism

The famous restaurant McDonald caught into a criticism among the netizens since it declared that they deliver Halal meat.

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A netizen enquired McDonalds if their retaurants in India were certified. For this question, McDonalds declared that all the meat that is served in their restaurants are bought from government-approved suppliers with a HACCP certificate. Along with this response McDonalds added that they have Halal certificates too. This stirred the netizens turning into a backlash for the restaurant.

Following a series of hastags for Zomato, which declared that food has no religion, this response of McDonalds have stirred another commotion among the netizens. After this #BoycottMcDonalds trended in Twitter opposing McDonalds for serving Halal meat in a non-Muslim majority counrty.

Flaming Lungs (Amazon) of the Planet

Amazon Forests, also called Lungs of the Planet is been on fire for the past two weeks stealing the oxygen of the world from the living generation.

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The world’s biggest forest, Amazon was on fire and the environmentalists blame the human for setting a trap for their own lives.

Such a great disaster that is been happening for nearly two weeks is denied by all the news channels and other countries. Here is a brief account on the great danger our planet is facing.

Amazon is the largest forest present in the world. It has a thick set of plantation which contributes upto 20% of the oxygen supply to the world. Among the living species on earth one out of ten was present in Amazon.

Such a thick plantation near Brazil started to burn two weeks ago which raised a thick smoke above the places near them. As the media of Brazil turned a blind eye towards the flaming forest, the fire was detected and made known to the world by NASA. Recently, the NASA satellite detected a smoky layer above Brazil. On probing into the details, the great fire on the Amazon forests was detected.

Though the issue was complained to the Brazil government, they claimed it to be personal and denounced the involvement of other countries and organizations into this burning concept.

The fire was started by the people near the forest for improving their farming and agriculture. The tropical humid climate of this season always leaves the forest a bit dry. The farmers of these region set fire to the forsest so that they could fertilize the land and use it as their next agricultural and farming land.

This usual scenario of setting fire to the forest anually has turned into a drastic accident on this year. The smoke was so thick and large that the city of San Paulo, Brazil situated 1,700 miles away from this forest became smoky making it impossible for the sunlight to probe into the city. The whole place shows smoke from the space.

This news of the drastic natural calamity was however brought into attention by the netizens and young generation of the world. News was spread through the internet claiming attention of the people all around the world. People are tweeting about the issue demanding action in order to protect the furture generation.

Chidambaram was Arrested after a Chaos

The Ex-FM after gone missing for a day, was arrested by the CBI on Wednesday at his residence.

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A case was filed by the INX media against the Congress member Chidambaram for floundering money during his ministership. The case was investigated by CBI.

His plea for bail was refused by the High court on Tuesday. Inorder to escape the arrest he went into hiding on Tuesday. The CBI and ED returned after a vain search for half-an-hour.

However, on Wednesday he appeared at the AICC headquarters and attended a conference claiming his innocence. After his return to his residence, the CBI attempted to enter the house. After the denial for entering the house, they entered throught the back gate and arrested Chidambaram.

He was likely to be presented at court on Thursday.