Bigg Boss 3 – Tharshan Evicted

Bigg Boss, one of the major TV show enjoyed by most of the viewers from all over the world is going to enter the final week of the 100 days.

Season 3 began with a total of sixteen contestants. On the eviction process that happened every weekend, one contestant was evicted based on the votes by the viewers. One contestant Madhumitha got to leave the show because of her suicidal attempt.

Vanitha, who was evicted once took the wild card to enter the show again. Unfortuantely she was evicted again lately. Cheran got the chance to enter the secret chamber after eviction. However, he also was evicted last week.

Kavin who was in the spotlight for almost all the weeks because of the issue with Losliya, took the leave from the house accepting the five lakh cash.

All the remaining five contestants including Tharshan, Mugen, Sandy, Sherin and Losliya entered the final week nomination. Following all the nervous expectation, since all the five were healthy contestants who attracted the viewers with their hardwork and innocense, Tharshan was evicted this week. The result was very shocking since he was considered one of the toughest contestants of the show.

Twitter and other social media were blasting with the unexpected eviction. However, Vijay TV is blamed by many netizens stating that it is faking the process.

World Tourism Day 2019

World Tourism Day is celebrated on every 27th of September.

Image courtesy: Care4cute

This day is officialy recognized by United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The World Tourism day is established in the year 1980 by the United Nations. UNWTO organizes the celebration every year by selecting different countries and themes to impose the importance of world tourism.

India is been selected for the year 2019 to host the World Tourism Day. This country is selected for its unique geographical feature along with its diverse cultural and ethnic factors. The theme is selected to be” Tourism and jobs: a better future for all.

This theme focuses on the importance of increasing the employment and attracting more people to work on tourism. It also adds a focus to the addition of job oppurtunities to compete with the growing technology.

Many awareness programmes and special entertainment were organized hy difference sectors to promote the importance and interest in tourism.

Thirukural for Golden Advice

Thiruvalluvar’s Thirukural trends in India with people tweeting a couplet along with its explanation.

Ancient Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar has kindly left his magnum opus Thirukural. This book consists of a set of 1330 couplets divided into three sections each dealing with various aspects of life.

This masterpiece is a set of moral codes that fits any human being. One of the speciality of this book is that its set of code or instruction still fits perfectly to all people at all times inspite of the change in age or the development of science and technology. It still remains fresh inspite of being more than 5000-years-old. The book is translated into nearly 170 languages.

People from many countries treasure this book for its high-spirited value and advice that appeals everyone easily. This legendary literary piece is trending in India with #ThirukuralForTamilNadu. People are tweeting a couplet along with its explanation voicing the importance of this ancient book.

This book is being treasured and worshipped by people not only from TamilNadu, but also from many different people from various countries. Few respect this book above their religious books for its moral codes on human-social-behaviour and conduct.


Twitter trends tags on Maridhas, the YouTuber, following the promotion of his new book, Naan ean Narendra Modiyai Aatharikiren? (Why am I supporting Narendra Modi).

The YouTuber Maridhas holds a channel “Maridhas Answers”, where he posts a series of videos commenting on the politics. Recently a complaint is been submitted by the DMK party against Maridhas asking him to remove ‘offensive content’.

His book Naan ean Narendra Modiyai Aatharikiren?, is said to target the DMK party. DMK, on its side has made a complaint to the city police commissioner. In the complaint is requested to review the posts and to remove the ‘offensive contents’ from the post. He is said to “disturb public tranquility and promote enmity and encite hatred between religious groups.”

Various hashtags in support and opposition for Maridhas is been trending in Twitter. Both haters and supporters are tweeting their opinions online regarding his new book.

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FIFA Best Football Awards

The FIFA Best Football Awards were awarded to the best performers of the FIFA series on Monday. Lionel Messi wins the FIFA Men’s Player of the year award while Megan Ropinoe wins the award for the Women’s player of the year.

Image courtesy: BBC

FIFA Best Football Awards were given at the La Scala opera house in Milan on Monday. The awards were given to the players who gave their best in the FIFA games.

In the toughest nomination among the men players, Lionel Messi won the FIFA Men’s player of the year beating down Christiano Ronaldo and Virgil Van Dijk. Barcelona’s Messi had the greatest win against Virgil Van Dijk, who won UEFA player’s award. Among lot of expectation on Dijk, Messi took the spotlight in a surprise.

The Women player of the year was won by Megan Rapinoe of US. Rapinoe is the 34-year-old who won the Golden Ball and Golden Boot award at the World Cup.

Amy Jackson gives Birth to a Baby Boy

The actress Amy Jackson gave birth to a baby boy. She shared the precious moment to her followers on IG.

Amy recently had her baby shower in London. She enjoyed a gala time there. Following this, she was blessed with a boy baby. She shared on her official page in Instagram a picture of her along with her baby and her fiance George Panayiotou.

The couple has given a name to the baby already. She captioned the post stating, “Our angel, welcome to the world Andreas.”

The couple is said to have their dream wedding by next year in Greece. However, she stated in a magazine that the baby was unplanned.

World Alzheimer’s Day

Alzheimer’s Day is followed internationally on the 21st of September every year.

This is a day to create awareness to get away with the various myths connected to the victims suffering fron this disorder. Alzhemia is a form of dementia which leads to mental dysfunction caused by the degeneration of cell. This disorder is noticed by the memory loss and the inability to remember things. It is a serious kind of mental disability which might lead to the impairement of speech and hearing.

The victims suffering from the alzheimers is mostly treated badly. People refuse to understand the cause which results in using violence against the victim’s ignorant actions or questions.

Statistics states that the rate of people suffering from alzheimers is likely to increase upto 152 million by 2050. The theme for this year is of raising awareness and challenging stigma.

Bigil Audio Launch

The audio launch of Vijay’s upcoming movie Bigil was conducted on the 19th September.

Image courtesy: FilmiBeat

The movie Bigil under the direction of Atlee is to be released by Deepavali. The cast of the movie includes Thalapathy Vijay, Nayanthara, Vivek, Yogi Babu and others. The audio launch was finally celebrated on Friday with a lot of expectations.

The whole launch was conquered by Thalapathy’s speech. He began his speech by singing “Verithanam” track with his dance moves. He began his speech with his famous lines putting the gathering in a non-stop cheer. Following this he expressed his gratitude towards all the artists including Atlee in his own style adding puch dialogues.

In his speech, he mentioned about the recent death of Chennai techie Subashree. Earlier he mentioned not to make banners for the audio launch. Also he requested the fans to make the best use of hashtags to bring changes in the society.

Following his request, #JusticeForSubashree is been trending in Twitter. Subashree is a Chennai techie, who met her death in an accident caused by the illegal banner. After a series of commotion after this tragic incident, the usage of banner is been reduced now.

Wearable Chairs

Tired of standing while waiting in a queue or for a bus? There’s a solution now. 🤔 Wonder what?! Its the new wearable chairs.

Image courtesy: HomeCrux

The new wearable chairs were creating a whole lot of ruckus in Twitter. Posts were published on these brand new wearable chairs on Twitter which has attracted a lot of attention.

The chairs are designed to enable a person to sit anywhere while standing or waiting for someone. It is designed so that the person feels comfortable while wearing the chair.

This new design has stirred a whole lot of memes in Twitter with people commenting comically on the new product. The Michael Scott’s chair pants, the trouser bench and wheel chair were few things compared to the new wearable chairs.

Olympics and Paralympics Logo

The upcoming Olypmics and Paralympic Games were to be conducted in Tokyo. The logo for these games were introduced by the officials lately.

The logo is designed to be a chequered circle. As explained by the International Olympic Committe, “This chequered design in the traditional Japanese color of indigo blue expresses a refined elegance and sophistication that exemplifies Japan.” They also explained that the three different designs in the circle signify diversity, equality and excitement. The logo was designed by Asao Tokolo, a Tokyo-based artist.

The upcoming Olympics begin on July 24, Friday and ends with the closing ceremony on August 9, Sunday 2020. Whereas, the Paralympics begin on August 25 and ends by September 6.