National Unity Day

National Unity Day is celebrated in India honouring the 144th birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabai Patel.

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The Iron Man of India, one of the freedom fighters in India is remembered for the actions he has taken to unify the country. In order to honour him a tallest statue of him was constructed in Gujarat. The statue was named as the statue of unity.

PM Narendra Modi paid tribute to Vallabai Patel on his birth anniversary in the statue of unity. He dedicated the unity of Jammu and Kashmir into Ladakh to the iron man who fought for unity.

A special event, ‘Run for Unity’ is being organised on this day to bring the whole nation to run for unity. The marathon encouraged all the citizens of the world to run together.

This day was celebrated from the year 2014 when the committee decided to celebrate Vallabai Patel’s birthday as the National Unity Day.

Bigil Hits ₹200cr

Thalapathy Vijay’s new hit Bigil, directed by Atlee has hit a jackpot of ₹200cr in box office collection within five days of its release.

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Actor Vijay has been giving mass hits to his fans. His new release Bigil also has added a feather to his crown. The movie was directed by Atlee with the lead roles taken by Vijay in a double role and Nayanthara.

The movie which hit the theatres on the 25th of October as a Diwali release has collected a revenue of ₹200 Cr from all over the world.

With this jackpot the movie is next only to Petta acted by Superstar Rajinikanth and released for Pongal earlier this year, to reach the 2 Million club.

Four of Thalapathy’s movies: Mersal, Theri, Sarkar and Bigil has joined the one Million Club easily within a few days of their release.

Condolances for Surjeet

The body of the two-year-old kid, Surjeet was taken out of the borewell on Tuesday morning and was buried.

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Surjeet Wilson, a toddler from Trichy fell accidentally into a borewell on October 25th. As the rescue measures began, the child went deeper upto 88ft from 27ft were he was stuck at first. After three and a half days, the body of the child was taken out of the borewell on Tuesday morning.

The mortuary reports stated that the kid died between the night of Monday and Tuesday. The body of the kid was buried on Tuesday. People from several villages gathered to pay condolance for the baby.

Politicians including CM Palaniswamy, Panneer Selvam, Stalin and others visited the place to pay condolance and consoled the family. People around the state has shown their respect towards Surjeet. Silence was maintained at schools to pay homage for the baby. Pledge was taken to create awareness to close open borewells so that future accidents can be avoided.

The tunnel which trapped the life of Surjeet was closed with concrete.

Pray for Surjeet

The Toddler who’s been caught in the tunnel for the last three days is yet to be rescued.

The rescue measure is taken underway for several geological reason in Trichy. Its been more than 73 hours since the two-year-kid fell into the deep bore well.

Advanced technology is being implied taking several actions to rescue the kid who has reached 88ft depth. He is covered with mud upto 2inches. He is been held by air vaccum so that he doen’t go deeper and the mud is being sucked out. Oxygen supply is also given constantly for the child.

Since the density of rocks in various layers below the ground is different, drilling a hole to rescue the child has become challenging. However, nearly 60 ft is being drilled parallely to the tunnel. Drilling upto 110ft is continuously done.

Fire service men were made ready with oxygen cylinders to enter the rescue tunnel. Geologist says that nearly 10ft must be drilled horizontally to reach the kid.

People around the nation is sending their earnest prayer for the safe arrival of the kid.

Surjeet in the Tunnel- Rescue in Progress

Severe measures is being taken for the last 28 hours to rescue a two-year-old kid Surjeet Wilson who fell in a tunnel.

In Trichy, on Friday evening by 5’o clock, the child Surjeet Wilson fell unfortunately into the tunnel while playing. As the neighbours tried to pull the child out, he fell deeper upto 10 ft. Rescue team were called and as different methods were tried the child fell upto 70ft because of landslide unfortunately.

Several methods including hydraulic lift was engaged to pull the child out. However, all the methods proved failure. A small robot with a camera fixed is being sent down the tunnel and fortunately one hand of the child was held by the robot so that he doesnt go any deeper.

As the situation has become trivial, ONGC is being called on to the place to rescue Surjeet. The rescue team has planned to drill a 100 ft tunnel parallel to the tunnel in which Surjeet is being trapped.

All the people were waiting for the safe arrival of Surjeet while praying. Ministers witnessed the rescue measures directly this morning. The condition of Surjeet is being unpredictable. People were praying for a miracle for the kid to come back safetly.

Bigil Diwali Begins

Diwali season has begun with the release of Bigil in theatres.

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The movie with Atlee-Vijay combo hitted the satges this morning. As the tickets were sold in less than few minuted, the movie created a great anticipation among the fans and others.

The theatres were housefull and the movie proved to be a hit. Bigil was a sports drama focussing on the women football team along with themes on women empowerment.

Thalapathy Vijay acted in a double role: Rayappan, a good doing gangster and Michael, his son who eventually becomes a football coach after being unable to become a player himself.

The movie was made emotional with elelments of love, romance and comical scenes were also added. Nayantara made a great pair with Thalapathy.

As expected the song choreography of ‘Verithanam’ and ‘Singapenney’ were picked greatly for their abums. Reviews state that the movie has done justice with the plot line along with character roles.

Bangladesh takes 16 to Scaffold

Sixteen people in Bangladesh were sentenced to death following a case in which they burnt alive a 19 year-old-girl.

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Nasrat Jahan Rafi, a 19-year-old from Bangladesh is said to have filed a complaint against one of the teachers from her school on sexual harassment.

In the complaint, Rafi stated that her teacher Doula called her to his office and touched her inappropriately. After this complaint was made Doula was imprisoned. Police stated that while he was in prison, he had ordered twice his political accomplises to murder Rafi. Fortunately she was safe then.

Earlier this year, on April, Rafi was lured to the roof of the school, where they tied her hands and legs compelling her to withdraw the complaint. However, she stood steadfast in her decision to get the teacher punished. It was then that she was drenched in paraffin and was set on fire.

With the scarf burnt, her limbs set free, Rafi ran downstairs and was taken to hospital. With her determination, the plot to turn the event into suicide was wasted. With 80% of her body burnt, Rafi died in hospital after five days. She recognise few culprits in her last video statement amd said that she will fight till her last breath.

This issue grabbed a great attention in Bangladesh. The case was taken seriously and a bench was set up to look into the case. After six months, the 16 people who were identified to be the culprits in Rafi’s brutal murder case were sentenced to death.

Ganguly Appointed as the New President of BCCI

Sourav Ganguly, the former captain of the Indian cricket team was appointed the president of BCCI on Wednesday, 23rd of October.

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Ganguly held the positions of secretary and then the later president of Cricket Association of Bengal. After that he is seen holding a responsibility over a Committee of Administrators (CoA) appointed by the supreme court for over 33 months.

As the election process for the new president for the BCCI was finalized last week. Sourav Ganguly was given the office on Wednesday. He can hold the control of BCCI for the coming nine months.

Mahim Verma of Uttarakhand is appointed as the vice-president. Arun Dhumal, the brother of the former president is appointed to be the treasusrer.

Justice for Harsha

#justiceforharsha is trending in Twitter following the thousand of netizens who have come forward demanding justice for Harsha who committed suicide because of management harassment.

Harsha, the fourth year engineering student of Amritha School of Engineering, Bengaluru leapt from the seventh floor of the college building commiting suicide. He is said to have died on his way to hospital. The management is held responsible for this incident following its harassment over Harsha.

Students stated that Harsha was held responsible by the management for vandalism which was performed by a group of students in demand for good food and water supply. Inspite of his innocense, it is said that the management continued to harass him demanding confession for vandalism which he didn’t commit.

It is reported that after an argument with the officials in the college, Harsha took the leap from the seventh floor on Monday as he rushed out of the office. He was from the ECE department and had got offers from two companies already. However, the management has threatened him with the cancellation of the placement which had led him to take such tragic decision.

Following this incident, the students gathered around the campus demanding justice and to fulfill the cause for which Harsha died. The protest was called off later as the police assured to take due actions.

Source: TOI

Red Alert: Northeast Monsoon

Heavy rainfall in the states of Tamil Nadu and Keral has resulted with red alert in four districts in Tamil Nadu and orange alert in Kerala.

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Four districts in Tamil Nadu including, Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Theni and Dindugal were issued with red alert warning people of the highest possibility of disaster. The tourist spots in Kodaikanal were closed following the red alert. Earlier this day, KanyaKumari has recorded the highest level of rainfall (60.66mm) followed by Coimbatore (48.55mm).

As IMD has announced earlier about the heavy rainfall that might last till 22nd of this month, the monsoon has begun to take the upper hand. The normal lifestyle of people was deeply disrupted by the monsoon. Collectors were asked to stay alert to face any emergency. Later this day, coming Monday is declared holiday by CM following the Diwali celebrations on Sunday.

Kerala is also facing a heavy monsoon outbreak. Places including Kollam, Kozhicode and Malappuram are issued with orange alert. Train service was stopped in many places following the rain alert.

Source: TOI