London Bridge Attack

A man who made deadly attack with a knife on the pedestrians near the London Bridge area was shot dead by the city police. The man was identified to be an accomplice of some terrorist activities a year ago.

The man was said to be wearing a “hoax explosive”. The witnesses say that he ran into the pedestrians and stabbed them without mercy. Two among the victims were badly hurt. During this attack two of the brave pedestrians ran towards the suspect risking their lives.

The suspect was pinned to the ground and was attacked until he releaaed the blade that he was holding. Since he held an upper hand he was shot dead by the London city police. Many victims who were injured were identified and taken to hospital.

The man, who was shot, was identified to be a 28-year-old of Pakistan-origin living in Straffordshire. He has a terrorist accomplice history and had been released from prison a year ago.

RIP Priyanka Reddy

Priyanka Reddy, a 26-year-old veterinarian was found raped and burnt alive in Telangana. The burnt body was found some 30km away from where she was reached lately before the brutal murder.

On Wednesday, as Priyanka Reddy was going to the hospital from her house, she was stranded near Shamshabad as her vehicle got punctured. She went missing that night and only her burnt body was found under a bridge on Thursday morning.

The family recognised her body with a locket that was found on her during the post-mortem. Her family reported that the last thing Prinyanka spoke with them over the phone was that she was afraid. It is said that her family asked her to leave the vehicle and walk past as she said that there were many unknown men.

When she was called again her phone was switched off. Police suspect that her body was probably doused with kerosene before burning. A college student was accused of the brutal incident and was presented before the media on Thursday. Ten teams were alloted by the police to find the murderer.

India has a long way to go before it gets it’s real freedom. The women in the country is yet facing a lot of brutal threats hiding themselves in the dark having been declined safety. Rape, murder, female infanticide, and whatnot to crumble her to nothing?

Source: NDTV

Reliance Hits ₹10 Lakh Crore m-cap

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) owned by Mukesh Ambani has reached a new milestone on Thursday by touching a ₹10 Lakh crore market capitalization.

Image courtesy: Firstpost

The shares of RIL has rocketed upto 0.75% reaching ₹1,581 per piece. RIL comparably showed a great growth even from the beginning of this year. As the m-cap stood lingering near the ₹10 Lakh crore milestone, it hitted the mark on Thursday morning.

With this increase in share, Ambani’s net worth has increased to $60.5 billion. Forbes stated that with an increase in the net worth, Ambani has topped the Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. He is now in the 9th spot on the list of the richest people.


The Indian Space Research Organization on Wednesday successfully launched PSLV-C47 on its 49th mission from Sriharikota.

Image courtesy: ThePrint

On its 49th mission PSLV-C47 carried with it CARTOSAT-3, a satellite designed for performing cartography (with special map-making applications). It has a total mission period of five years.

PSLV-C47 is also carrying 13 nano satellites from USA. They were roped by New Space India, a new commercial arm. These nano satellites were capable of most advanced spacial resolution.

The launch took place in Satish Dawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. With this successful launch India is likely to become a global launch destination for the small satellites with the mission vehicle PSLV.

Kallakurichi District of Tamil Nadu

A new district of Kallakurichi was formed on Tuesday in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu CM Palaniswamy opened the 33rd district on Tuesday. Kallakurichi was originally a part of Villupuram district. Now it is divided to become an independent district with its own administration.

Kiran Kurala is appointed to be the district collector and Jayachandiran as the Deputy Superindentant. CM on the ceremony announced several plans for the development of the new state.

Maharashtra CM Resigns

Devendra Fadnavis who became the CM of Maharashtra after a chaos resigned his chief ministership on Tuesday. Following his resignment, the opposition group has joined hands to take the government.

Maharashtra is facing a thriller stage in politics after the last election. After a long struggle in establishing a stable government, BJP decided to establish their rule as a major twist. As a result, Devendra Fadnavis was made the CM in a quick ceremony on Saturday. However, BJP is given upto the end of this month to prove its majority.

In this case, more than 162 ministers of the opposition party gathered together as a great crowd against BJP on Friday. Following this, Maharshtra CM resigned his post on Saturday saying that he will not be able to prove his majority.

Ajith Pawar, the Deputy CM met his uncle Sharad Pawar from National congress party on Saturday. Trio parties, Congress, National congress and Shiv Sena has now come together as a group against BJP. Uddhav Thackeray of Sena party is elected to be the CM. He is likely to take the oath on Thursday.

Indian Constitution Day

India is celebrating its National Law Day on 26th of November.

The “Preamble” was constituted to ensure equal rights to all the people of India. The constitution was formed on November 26, 1949 and came into existence on January 26, 1950.

Thus this day was remembered to celebrate all those who helped in framing the Indian constitution. Also on this day people were given an awareness on the priceless values held by our constitution.

Delhi Queer Pride Parade

Delhi was over ruled by a celebration mode as thousands of LGBTQ members gather in the street with rainbow coloures flags.

Image courtesy: LBB

The streets were filled with members of LGBTQ and their supporters celebrating the sexual diversity in India. The removal of Article 377 has ended a colonial gay law that existed for a long period. With this removal, people of India were allowed to express their sexual identity.

In this Delhi queer pride paradae more than thousand people gathered with flags, placards, baloons of rainbow colours. They danced, cheeree each other reciting slogans. They said that there is still a long way to go to enjoy full freedom.

Dramatic Twist in Maharashtra Politics

Maharashtra people saw a sudden twist in an overnight with BJP establishing their new rule in the state.

Image courtesy: Jagran English

As the NCP Sharad Pawar announced yesterday that Uddhav Thackeray whould be the next CM, the rule was changed in an overnight with Devendra Fadnavis taking his oath to be the next CM.

Since BJP was not able to establish its rule, there remained a chaos between BJP and Shiv Sena quiet for a long time as Governor requested the presidential rule in Maharashtra. In this case, Congress, Shiv Sena and NCP decided to come together to establish the government.

As the discussion progressed between the three parties and terms were accepted with Uddhav Thackeray to be announced as the next chief minister, a plot twist happened. In an overnight a part of NCP members withdrew to join BJP party.

With this BJP took the government in Maharshtra with Devendra Fadnavis appointed as the Chief Minister of the state. He took an oath today in the presence of Governor. BJP is given upto 30th of November to prove its majority.

Twitter Faces Problem over Blue Tick

Twitter is receiving a lot of tweets against its norms for assigning blue ticks.

Image courtesy: techglare

Usually blue ticks are assigned for verified accounts. The criteria for account verification is not yet been revealed to the users. However, mostly the professional users in various fields including politics, social activism, lawyers, celebrities are given “verified” accounts with a blue tick.

After the recent suspension of columninst Dilip Mondall’s account in Twitter, lot of opposition raised for the discrimination over the blue tick. After a week, the tweeters has been tweeting various hashtags on Friday for the removal of blue tick for the user’s account. Many tweets were on demand for the revelation of criteria for verification.

Netizens were demanding equality from the application towards its users. But Twitter, in its recent announcement has said that they were working without any bias.