Virat Kohli- No. 1 Test Batsman 2019

Virat Kohli crowns as the no. 1 Test batsman of the year 2019 as declared by ICC.International Cricket Council (ICC) announced the ranking list for the best test batsmen. Indian captain Virat Kohli topped the list with 928 points. Kohli has scored a total of 612 runs in 11 innings of 8 tests that was played in 2019. As for this Kohli is topping the test batsmen list for the second consecutive year.Australian star batsman Steve Smith has occupied the sencond place on the ranking with 911 points. Along with Virat Kohli three Indian players were included in the top 10 list. Cheteshwar Pujara is on the 5th place with 791 points and Ajinkya Rahanae with 759 points.

Somalia Bombing- more than 70 dead

On Saturday in Somalia, a car with bomb blasted in a heavily crowded street killing more than 76 people. Officers fear that the death rate might increase.

The bomb blast happened in the morning in the crowded road in Mogadishu (Somalia capital), which connects it to the south Somalia. The balst was targeted around the rush hours opposite to the tax collection office.

The area shows the heinous scene of burned vehicles, dead and injured human lives scattered on the road. The latest report says that 78 people had died and more than 120 people were injured heavily. It is feared that the death toll might increase.

Rescue measures were speeded up in the affected area. No terrorist group have claimed responsibility over the blast so far. It was said that many university students were also recognized among the victims. Many leaders around the world have condemened this cruelty of terrorism.

Source: CNN

Zee News – World Record

Following the Citizenship Amendment Act, Zee News conducted an online campign which received the support of more than a crore people becoming a world record.

In response to the continuous violence that is happening around India over the Citizenship Amendment Act, Zee News initiated an online campaign towards the act. This campaign is conducted to voice out the people who support the CAA.

This digital campaign is conducted with just a missed call. Supporters of CAA were asked to give a missed call in a toll free numbers 7836800500 and 7834998998 by Zee news. Also netizens can show their support via micro-blogging online social network, Twitter.

By eight at evening on Friday, over one crore people has shared their support towards CAA. This campaign is the world’s biggest campaign towards the support of CAA.

Ring of Fire- Decade’s Final Eclipse

The last eclipse of the decade happened today forming a beautiful “ring of fire” on the sky.

The final solar eclipse of the decade was viewed by people from several areas of India including Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. The eclipse was seen as a fiery ring around the shadow of the moon.

People from Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Delhi and Maharashtra were able to get a clear view of the eclipse except in a few cloudy areas. The eclipse began by around 8’o clock in the morning and lasted for around 3 hours.

The solar eclipse was first viewed in India in Chervathur, Kerala. While the people of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu enjoyed the rare spectacle of annular eclipse, others were given to view only a partial solar eclipse. Skywatchers were advised earlier not to view the eclipse with their naked eyes.

Temples were closed ’till evening because of the solar eclipse and were opened again after special prayers. Indian PM tweeted later that he was not able to see the eclipse because of the clouds.

Christmas with Santa

The festive season of the year has begun with December. Snowfall, stars, shinning christmas trees, chocolate pudding, gifts, cakes and what not. It is the season to share love and gifts.

Christmas vibes begins with the arrival of December. However, the Santa Claus has begun his journey around the world from his hometown in Arctic circle, bringing gifts to children.

Santa Claus’s journey began from his hometown in Finland. Many people gathered at his house sending him off in the long journey of sharing love and peace to the world. Santa Claus would go around the world for the next twenty four hours.

Jharkhand Election- Congress Wins

Jharkhand election ended with a major victory for Congress and its allies.

Image courtesy: India Today

Congress won more than the required majority of the votes defeating the ruling party BJP. The supporters and party members of Congress expressed their happiness by bursting crackers and giving sweets.

Jharkhand is seen as the second disastrous loss for BJP after losing its power in Maharashtra and crashing its alliance with Shiv Sena. Both BJP and Congress were in close lines with each other as the counting of votes progressed. BJP seemed confident about their victory in Jharkhand. However, the event turned to be a pleasant surprise for Congress.

PM Modi wished Congress on their victory. The CM Raghubar Das gave in his resignation to the governor Draupadi Murmu in Rajya Bhavan. Sharad Pawar said the Jharkhand results shows that the people are with non-BJP parties.

JMM party leader Hemant addressed the media saying it was time to fulfill their promises. He also stated that a new era has started in their state and he pledged to work for the people of Jharkhand.

66th Filmfare Awards

The Filmfare awards (South) were given in Chennai in an elegant stage with celebrities from Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannda film industry.

Image courtesy: FilmiBeat

Filmfare awards recognizes the best artists talented in all fields of cinema and awards them with honour. Nomination from various cine industry were scurtinized and awards were given to the best artists from among the cine industry of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and kannada.

Dulquer Salman, Mahesh Babu, Vijay Devarkonda were nominated as best actors (male). Samantha, Anushka, Keerthi Suresh were nominated for the best actress awards. 96, Vada Chennai, Sarkar are included among the best movie nominations.

In Tamil cine industry, Pariyerum Perumal won the best movie award. Ram Kumar won the best director award for his movie Ratchasan. The lead actor role was shared by Vijay Sethupathi and Dhanush. Trisha won the best lead actress for the movie 96. Sid Sriram and Chinmayi won the best playback singers awards.

Rajinikanth on CAA

Rajinikanth’s comment on CAA attracts mass as he expressed his views on the protest for CAA.

The actor cum politician, Rajinikanth finally broke his silence about the current issue in India. He said that the news on protests and violence gives him pain. He also added that instead of violence the nation should stand in unity and vigilant keeping in mind the nation’s security and welfare.

Rajini’s comment on CAA has stirred varying emotions among the netizens. Supporting and opposing comments hoarded trending both hashtags for hours in Twitter.

Despite governments several measures to control the mutiny, protest and violation still takes place with damaging of the public property. However, the government is still remaining silent on the issue.

Protest continues against CAA

Despite the ban for public gathering, protest and mutiny continues in opposition to the Citizenship Ammendment Act.

Image courtesy: ThePrint

Places like Lucknow, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Shimla, faces mutiny over the CAA with protesters damaging the public property. Students in Tamil Nadu has also entered in indoor protests in their colleges and universities. Chennai University has ordered the students including the hostellers to immediately leave the premises.

Uddhav Thackeray, Maharshtra CM declared that CAA will not be implemented in their state. Protest rally took place in Kerala and Kolkata. Lathicharge action was taken by Police in Ahmedabad. Vehicles were burned in Lucknow.

Priyanka Chopra took to social media to condemn the use of violence against the students. She also said that each voice will count in the thriving decomcracy.

CAA has Nothing to do with Muslims in India- Shahi Imam

Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi announced that CAA has nothing to do with the Muslims living in India.

Image courtesy: Swarajya

On his speech, Syed Ahmed Bukhari made a note saying that Citizenship Ammendment Act(CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) are totally different.

He added that according to the CAA, the Muslim refugees who has entered India as refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will not get their citizenship. Whereas the Muslims living in India will never be affected under the new bill.

He made a mention about the protest saying that it was the democratic right of every citizen to protest. But people should learn to control their emotions which is very important.