Nirbhaya Convicts: Capital Punishment Postponed

The convicts of Nirbhaya case who were to be hung tomorrow was postponed for the time being.

In a heart shattering Delhi rape case, Nirbhaya was brutally gang-raped and murdered by four convicts in a running bus . As the case has been negotiated for more than a year, the four convicts were given capital punishment.

The capital punishment is to be carried out tomorrow. The long-awaited judgement was appreciated by the whole country for establishing righteousness. However, on Friday, the court has postponed the verdict ordering to delay the capital punishment until further orders were given.

As the convicts sought the reduction of punishment, their requests were not accepted by the court. However, this order of delaying the punishment has taken the country in a sweep.

Martyr’s Day 2020

India is celebrating the great martyrs on Januray 30, who gave their life for the freedom struggle, in accordance to the death anniversary of the Father of the Nation.

Image courtesy: Awaaz Nation

Mahatma Gandhi who taught non violence to the world, was killed on this evening of Januray 30, 1948 by Nathuram Godse. This day is remembered by Indians as Martyr’s day in honour of Gandhi’s contribution to the Independence of India.

India also remembers another Marty’s day on March 23, to honour the Indian martyrs Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru and Sukhdev Thapar who were killed on the same day. Few minutes of silence is offered in honour of the martyrd souls.

India wins a Super victory against New Zealand

New Zealand was defeated in its homeland by India in the T20 Interntional series taking a thrill lead with 3-0 victory.

Rohit Sharma took the lead in the T20 series against New Zealand making the thrill victory more interesting. The match ended in a draw with New Zealand scoring 179/6 by the end of 20 overs. As the match ended with a tie, a super over is given to the team to decide the winner.

New Zealand batted first scoring 17 runs in the Super Over. Rohit Sharma who left to the pavillion with half century during the match, took the lead in the Super Over. He smashed Tim Southee’s ball with two consecutive super sixes taking the team to victory.

RIP Mamba: Mourning the death of Kobe Bryant

The loss of legendary Los Angeles Laker, Kobe Bryant has sent the whole world of sports into a heavy loss.

Image courtesy: Los Angeles Time

Bryant was a legendary player who has recorded his name in the history of basketball as the five-time NBA Champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist. In an unfortunate helicopter crash, Bryant, his thirteen-year-old daughter, and seven others of the crew lost their lives on Monday. This loss has taken the whole world in a grief for the lost lives.

American President Trump, Obama, sports personalities incuding Virat Kohli, Rafael Nadal, Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Maria Sharapova and others has expressed their deep condolances for the demise.

The crash took place as Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others of the crew were flying in thier Sikorsky S-76 helicopter in the west of Los Angeles. Reports say that the crash happened because of the bad weather as the helicopter slammed against the hillside in Calavasas.

Internet was slamming with notes of grief from the netizens as people share their love towards the demised and his family.

Coronavirus Outbreak: China

Coronavirus death toll has raised upto 41 in China as the disease has continued to spread to many countries over time.

Image courtesy: ScienceAlert

China is been facing an outbreak of cronavirus with the beginning of the new year. Though serious measures where taken to prevent the spread of the virus, a handfull of countries had already recognized few victims of the virus. The countries that has identifed coronavirus include UK, France and Australia.

China alone has a number of 1,200 confirmed cases. While the death toll has increased upto 41 in China, Hubei province, where the virus outbreak began, has witnessed the death of 15 people.

The symptoms for the virus attack includes high fever, followed by dry cough. This virus causes severe acute respiratory infection. Though the death toll was within limited numbers, the virus is spreading fast and might end as a severe epidemic.

The virus is identified to affect the old and people with weak immune system and also the pet animals.

National Girl Child Day 2020

The National Girl Child Day is celebrated in India on 24th of January annually. .

Image source: Gr8AmbitionZ

National Girl Child Day is initiated to spread an awareness among people on protecting and supporting girl children. It also speaks of providing equal oppurtunities for the girl children while maintaining gender equality in the society.

This day was first initiated by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2008. The main aim for designing a day especially for the girls is to bring to the light the inequalities and the violence faced by girls. This day is celebrated to promote health, protection and education for girl children.

Many awareness programmes will be conducted around the counrty to promote gender equality in the society with regard to National Girl Child Day. Netizens has also trended the hashtag on the national girl child day 2020.

123rd Birth Anniversary of Subash Chandra Bose

The 123rd birth anniversary of the freedom fighter Subash Chandra Bose is celebrated today with people paying tribute to him around India.

Image courtesy: Jargan English

Subash Chandra Bose is one of the greatest freedom fighter of India. He was that one activist who gathered the power of youth establishing the Indian National Army (IAA), to wage an active war against the British rule.

Bose took the opposite doctrine of Gandhi to fight against the British. He has his own idea and strategy in achieving his goal to a certain level. However, he is declared to be dead in an air crash in 1945, though concrete evidence is not to be found.

The nation celebrated his birthday by remembering his best deeds for the country. President delivered a tweet stating that he was one of our most beloved national heroes and an icon of India’s freedom struggle. PM Modi also tweeted two tweets paying tribute to the leader stating that he played a very important role in the freedom struggle.

India’s first Humanoid Robot to Space

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) instroduced its first humanoid robot Vyommitra to space for its ambitiois project.

Indian Space Research centre is been planning for an ambitious project Gaganyaan since last year. As the works for the project, that is planned to be completed before the end of this year, is being done with all might. The Indian astronauts who were shortlisted for their journey to moon has been shortlisted and were send to Russia for the eleven month’s training.

Before Gaganyaan is to be sent to the sapce, two other test flights is to be sent to check out if the environment can be favourable for the astronauts. Vyommitra is to be sent in one of these test projects before the astronauts.

Vyommitra is capable of having a conversation with the people while answering their queries. The robot lacks legs and was called a half humanoid. Vyommitrs is designed to monitor module parameters, alerting astrounauts and performing life supporting operations.

The robot introduced itself in the conference saying, “Hi, I am Voymmitra, the first prototype of half humanoid.” It can respond naturally to the queries of the astronauts.

Source: India Today

Rajinikanth refuses to Apologize

The veteran actor, Superstar Rajinikanth, refuses to apologize for his comment on Periyar.

Rajinikanth who is anticipated to enter the poitics anytime made a controversial comment on Periyar. While delivering an address on the fiftieth anniversary of Thuglak, a Tamil magazine, Rajinikanth made a note on Periyar. He said, “In 1971, at Salem, Periyar took out a rally against superstition in which naked images of Lord Ramachandramoorthy and Sita- with a garland of sandals- were displayed and no news outlet was published it.”

With this comment, the politician meant that though the news was concealed by other news publishers, only Thuglak cared to rewrite the article while critizing the act. As Rajini was blamed of ‘defamation’ on Periyar by DMK party, he refused to apologize stating that he has mentioned only the facts as was stated in a magazine.

The news on apology of the veteran actor and poltician was trending in Twitter with various perspectives from the netizens.


JP Nadda: BJP National President

JP Nadda is selected unopposed as the BJP National President on Monday.

Image courtesy: India Today

Bharatiya Janatha Party’s National President Election 2020 was conducted on Monday. By the end, BJP National Election Officer Radha Mohan Singh declared JP Nadda to be the unopposed National President of BJP for the period 2019-22.

JP Nadda has replaced Amit Shah who is been heading the BJP party since August, 2014. Nadda, who is 59, thus becomes the eleventh president to lead the BJP party.

Rajnath Singh and Nithin Gadkari has proposed Nadda’s name for the presidential election and was seconded by other members of the party. He was selected unopposed by any others. PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah were expected to give a speech at the elevation ceremony.

Source: Financial Express