Mosque Ablaze: CAA Revelry Continues

Muslim mosque burnt on Tuesday following the severe protest of Muslim against the CAA.

As the Muslims in the North East Delhi were on a strike against the CAA for the few days, on Tuesday the peaceful requistion for the withdrawal of CAA turned into a chaos and rivalry as few Hindu men banged everything into a warfield.

A group of men entered the mosque on Tuesday chanting “Jai Shri Ramand phrase meaning “Hindustan for Hindus.” The crowd set fire to the mosque, pelting stones and setting fire to the houses of Muslims.

Nearly 15 Muslims were killed and nearly 150 were injured in this rivalry. Severe chaos has raised over this religious outburst in Delhi. As CAA was opossed by many people al over India, this act has stirred the attention of many demanding action.

As the opposition for CAA started on Sunday, small clashes took place in several places in Delhi. This incident on Tuesday has shook the country with the extremist’s outright action of burning the mosque, hoisting thier flags and looting the properties of Muslims.

Source: The Wire

American President Trump visits India

The American President Trump visited Delhi recording a historical note to the country.

Trump started his 36 hour long journey in Inida by Monday morning. As over ten million were expected to welcome the President of America, a huge mass of people gathered on either side of the road, welconing him.

Trump visited the Mughal emperor’s masterpiece, Taj Mahal, a symbol of love. Along with him, the first lady, his daughter and his son-in-law admired the beauty of the monument. On the visitor’s note Trump described the monument as the ” testament to the rich and diverse beauty of Indian culture.

He then took a fight and went to Delhi along with his family to Rajghat, where Trump and the first lady rotated Gandhi’s chakra, experiencing his life and simplicity.

From there, Trump went to the Montero Stadium to join the ‘Namaste Trump’ programme.

19 Dead as a Truck Collided with a Bus

A terrible accident took place near Tirupur which took the lives of 19 people who travelled to Bengaluru from Kerala.

The Volvo bus belonging to Kerala (KSRTC) was on its way to Bengaluru from Ernakulam when it met a serious disaster. A truck carrying loads of tiles lost its control while taking a turn in the highway near Avinashi town in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu.

In this terrible misfortune, nearly 19 people who travelled in bus (14 men and 5 women) died on the spot. 23 others who travelled in the bus where injured severely. The truck driver who escaped was arrested by the police.

The CM of Kerala, Pinaryi Vijayan has requested Palakkad District Collector to extend its assistance in tackling the emergency. PM Modi has expressed his grief over the accident.

Ajith Injured while Shooting

Thala Ajith, one of the leading heroes in the Tamil cinema industry got injured while shooting for his new film.

The once racer, Thala Ajith tends to do the stunt scenes on his own instead of using double. Lately, reports says that he was injured while he was filming an important bike scene for his new upcoming movie in Chennai. He was injured slightly and was put under treatment.

Ajith has been under shooting for his new upcoming movie, Valimai, directed by H. Vinoth. After the unfortunate accident, the shooting was stopped temporarily. Fans pour in social media registering their prayer for the speedy recovery of Thala Ajith.

Sachin Tendulkar wins Laureus Sporting Moment Award

The Indian star cricketer Sachin Tendulkar establishes his love for cricket once again wining the prestigious Laureus Sporting Moment Award in Berlin. This is yet another feather to his cap proving his stardom in cricket.

Tendulkar’s final World-cup winning match conducted in 2011 in Mumbai has bought this award to him. The moment by the end of the match when the team members carried Sachin around the ground for the victory lap was selected to be the Laureus Sporting Moment for the decades 2000-2020. Fans have voted in favour of this moment which the award committee described as the cricketer “carried on the shoulders of a nation.”

Tendulkar registered this moment at Berlin to be the proudest moment of his life, dedicating the award to all the people of his nation. He gave an emotional speech recollecting his visit with Nelson Mandela, recalling his words that sports has the power to usnify and unite everyone.

Lewis Hamilton, Formula One champiom and Lionel Messi, the football superstar shared the Laureus sportsman of the year award.

From being Kambala Jockey to competing Ussain Bolt

Srinivasa Gowda, the Karnataka kambala jockey chose muddy fields over racing track after being called to initialize his career in sports.

Gowda is been trending among netizens recently for his incomparable speed in kambala game. Kambala is a buffalo-racing game popular in the coastal Karnataka. In this game, the jockey runs after the buffalo which speeds up in the muddy track.

Last month, the kambala jockey, Srinivasa Gowda gained the attention of the netizens. His running speed is incredible that it was compared to that of Ussain Bolt, the legendary athlete. In the kambala race, Gowda crosses 142.5 meters in 13.62 seconds in a paddy mud field. The average speed of Gowda is calaculated to be higher than that of Ussain Bolt.

Following his talent, CM of Karnataka, Yediurappa, invited Gowda and offered him a cash prize of ₹3 Lakh. The sports minister Kiren Rijiju offered him an oppurtunity to train in Indian sports academy to prepare him for the Olympics.

However, Gowda turned the offer preferring the muddy fields instead. He said that he has to cross the 142 meter field in kambala for about 35 times. He added that as kambala takes up a lot of energy running along with the buffoles, he needs to take rest for about a month and that he would take a decision on the offer after a month.

CAA Protest- Thousands Gather in Mumbai

Thousands of Muslims including women gather at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan in protest against CAA.

Image courtesy: NewsClick

As the citizens of India continue to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Register (NPR), government still refuse to heed to their cries. On Saturday a huge mass of Muslims including women gathered at the Azad Maidan, a Mumbai’s iconic place to voice out their oppossition against these acts.

They took resolutions against submission of any records proving their citizenship as they claimed that they had been citizens of India since time immemorial. They gathered in a huge crowd from various parts of Mumbai and Maharashtra holding banners and flags.

They shouted against PM Modi and Amit Shah demanding “freedom from the CAA and the NRC.”

Black Day- Pulwama Attack

India remembers the day dedicated for love as the Black Day, in honour of the great martyr souls of Indian Army who were killed in the Pulwama attack.

Image courtesy: Amar Ujala.

As the world celebrates the Valentines Day, showering love on their beloved ones, the people of India pay homage to the 44 CRPF martyrs who were killed in a terrorist attack in Pulwama.

On 14th February 2019, a convoy of vehicles carrying a paramilitary troop in the Srinagar-Jammu higway was exploded by a suicide bomber belonging to the Pakistan based terror group, Jaish-e-Mohammad. The attack took around 3pm near Pulwama when a SUV carrying nearly 80 kilo of explosives banged into the convoy vehicle.Neary 44 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were killed in the attack and few others were injured.

India remembers the first anniversary of these brave souls who laid their life for country’s sake. Political leaders and others paid homage to the martyrs of the country. Netizens expressed their regret and respect on the attack putting forth their voice on the attack.

World Radio Day

The World Radio Day is celebrated annually on February 13th.

Image courtesy: OneWorldNews

This day was celebrated to remember the antique technique of information sharing that has not altered its existence even after a century. Though radio is years old, it still remains intact being the source of sharing news and information to many community of people.

The World Radio Day was initiated by UNESCO. It was decided at the 36th session of UNESCO’s General Conference to proclaim February 13 as the day for radio.

The theme for the World Radio Day 2020 is ‘Radio and Diversity.’ This theme brings the focus on plurilingualism, as radio remains an important media to preserve linguistic tolerence.

The All India Radio (AIR) News broadcasts in about 92 languages and dialects in 607 bulletins.

COVID-19: WHO Names Corona Virus

The World Health Organization names Corona virus as COVID-19.

The epidemic virus that began its destruction in China has reached almost all the world countries. As the death toll has increased upto 1,100 the virus still continues to spread.

WHO (World Health Organization) has given a new name to this coronavirus- COVID-19. The acronym expands as Corona Virus Disease 2019, signifying the end of 2019 when the disease began to outbreak.

This name was particularly framed so as not to attach any stigma. Ghebreyesus, the director general of WHO informed that the new name refers to no animals, place or people associaited with the disease.

News reports says that the death toll continues to raise eventhough the infection rate has increased. Death in China has raised upto 1,113 whereas the number of confirmed cases has raised to 44,653. 393 cases has been reported outside China.

The virus that has affected the cruise ship passangers in Yokohama, Japan has spread to the land when an employee of health minister has resulted positive for illness after he checks the passangers of the cruise.