AAP Sweeps Delhi by its Victory

The Delhi 2020 election results were announced later on Tuesday announcing the great victory of AAP under Kejriwal.

Iamge source: News18.com

The Aam Aathmi Party (AAP) under Kejriwal won the Delhi assembly election 2020, leaving less than ten seats only for its rivals. This victory was seen as the result of Kejriwal’s attention towards Delhi’s welfare.

Out of 70 seats for which election was held, AAP grabbed a handful of 68 seats leaving only 8 seats for BJP. Congress was left behind with nought lossing its deposit.

51-year-old Arvind Kejriwal was a former bureaucrat and anti-corruption activist. Once again the people of Delhi have chosen Kejriwal for his selfless service towards the welfare of the people involving more with the public.

Wishes pour for AAP party as people continue to wish him for his great victory.

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