American Missionary Killed by the Sentinal Tribe

John Allen Chau, an US missionary was killed by a tribe living in the forbidden Andaman islands.

Image courtesy: The Australian

Chau is an American missionary determined to take risks to proclaim Christianity among the tribal people who are living away from the modern world. Thus he set on his mission towards the North Sentinel Island. This island has tribes who never wish to connect themselves to the broad world outside.

Chau has attempted many times to reach that island before. Once he was shot by a young tribe with an arrow which he stated “pierced his waterproof Bible.” He sought the help of the local fisherman to set on his last trip towards the Sentinelese. He travelled in the dark in order to escape from the navy and patrol since it is illegal to go to the tribe.

However the fishermen has reported that they saw the tribe dragging John towards the shore and burying him in the sand. The police from the city of Port Blair, capital of Andaman and Nicobar islands are discussing to sent a helicopter and a group of officials to access if they can recover the young missionary.

Chau has left a short diary of 13 pages written with pen and pencil to the fishermen who took him to the island. The diary shows his determined mind to redeem the people no matter what happens to him.

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