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All are talking today about India which Manmohan Singh led from 2004 – 2014.

What is being talked?


Vizag Gas Leak: 11 Dead and Thousands Admitted

A poisonous gas leak in Vishakapattanam has killed atleast 11 and thousands were hospitalized.

Image courtesy: IndiaToday

It has been reported that a poisonous gas has leaked from the LG Polymer chemical plant, Vishakapattanam. The leakage took place in the morning. People who came out smelling the gas suffered from deficient oxygen supply, vomitting, itching skin and started to faint. The footage across the village showed a very heart-shattering scene with people lying across the streets unconscious. Even the cattle has died after breathing the poisoned gas.

Emergency state was proclaimed in the village. A speacialized CBRN and NDRF team rushed to the area to rescue the people. People who fainted were carried to the nearby private and government hospitals in two wheelers and ambulances. Yet 11 people were reported dead because of the poisonous gas. Thousands of people who fell unconscious on their places and streets where admitted in the hospital and were administered oxygen supplication.

This incident recalls the Bopal incident that took place years before in India. Reports stated that the gas has leaked from two tanks which were left unchecked from March because of the lockdown. The area was brought under control and people were evacuated to safe places. Action will be taken against the chemical plant as per the officials.

‘Full Flower Moon’ 2020

The last supermoon of 2020 has made its appearance on May 6.

Image courtesy: Hypebae

The super “Full Flower Moon” of the year 2020 has made its next and last appearance on May 7 at 6:45 a.m. EDT according to NASA. It has appeared in its fullest brightness on the night of May 6.

According to NASA, the supermoon appears seven percentage bigger than its usual size and can be viewed with naked eyes. Supermoon has shone 15 percentage brighter than the usual ones.

When the moon reaches the nearest distance or perigree in its orbit around the earth, the supermoon occurs. Supermoon has appeared earlier in the months of February, March and April in the year 2020. This was the last and the next supermoon can be seen only on the next year.

Most Wanted Terrorist Encountered in J&K

The most wanted terrorist of the Hizbul Mujahideen was captured by the security forces from a district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Image courtesy: DNA India

Riyaz Naikoo, the leader of the terrorist group Hizbul Mujahideen was encountered at the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir by the security force. The security force launched a three operation group in three different districts in search of terrorist group on Tuesday.

The past three days has witnessed the death of eight security personnel including a commanding officer of army’s 21 Rashtriya Rifle in the northern state of India. As a series of operations is been taken for the past two months over the intruded terrorists in J&K, Riyaz Naikoo, the leader of the terrorist gang, Hizbul Mujahideen was encountered in the district of Pulwama on Wednesday.

Riyaz Naikoo took the group of Hizbul Mujahideen in 2017. The police reported that he carried a bounty of ₹12 Lakh while he was ecountered.

Source: ThePrint

Pulitzer Prize 2020

The America’s prestigious Pulitzer Prize winners for the year 2020 is announced virtually on May 4, 2020.

Image courtesy: Jagran

Pulitzer prize is the America’s prestigious award in the field of journalism. The award was given in 15 Journalism categories and 7 categories on books, drama and music. The winners of the year 2020 is announced virtually because of the pandemic impact on the world.

Colson Whitehead, a Harvard scholar wins the award for his novel The Nickel Boys. This was his second Pulitzer award after the one that he got in the year 2017 for his novel Underground Railroad. Anne Boyer and Greg Grandin won the prize for the non-fiction category. The other winners under the category of books, drama and music were Benjamin Moser, Jericho Brown, Michael. R. Jackson, W. Caleb McDaniel and Anthony Davis.

Three Indian Photojournalists Mukhtar Khan, Yasin Dar and Channi Anand were awarded for their cover on Jammu and Kashmir. Many other journalists have also won the Pulitzer award under many cateogries.

The award was first initiated in the year 1917 by the newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer.

COVID-19: in India

The pandemic corona recovery rate in India has shown a considerable improvement as it raised to about 27.52%.

India is in the third stage lockdown with regard to the zones as divided by the health ministry. The green zones were given some liberal rules with avoidance of any sort of public gathering. In this case the long queues were seen outside the liqour shops which were opened as per the government rules in the non-contaminated areas.

In the last 24-hours, 2,573 cases were tested positive. The country also has 83 death report in one day. The total corona cases in India has surged upto 42,836 with the death toll of 1,373. Five states including Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Chattisgarh and Tripura has seen their highest leaps. The recovery rate has also increased upto 27.52% in the last 24 hours. Kerala, which identified the first corona patient in India has reported no positive cases consecutively for two days.

About 35,85,711 people have been infected globally with the corona virus and 2,48,780 deaths has been reported totally.

Oscar Nominations 2020

Oscar award nominations for the year 2020 is been released on Monday morning.

The 92nd Oscar award ceremony is to be conducted soon. The nominations for the above were announced early on Monday morning.

The comic drama Joker has gained about eleven nominations. Women directors were thrown out of best directors list inspite of their efforts.

Movies including Once upon a Time… in Hollywood, Ford v Ferrari, Jojo Rabbit, Marriage Post, 1917 were nominated for their best pictures.

The many categories in Oscar award include Best Picture, Actor in Leading Role, Actress in Leading Role, Actor and Actress in Supporting Role, Animated Featire Film, Cinematography, Costume Design, Directing, Documenting, Short Film, etc.


The Indian Space Research Organization on Wednesday successfully launched PSLV-C47 on its 49th mission from Sriharikota.

Image courtesy: ThePrint

On its 49th mission PSLV-C47 carried with it CARTOSAT-3, a satellite designed for performing cartography (with special map-making applications). It has a total mission period of five years.

PSLV-C47 is also carrying 13 nano satellites from USA. They were roped by New Space India, a new commercial arm. These nano satellites were capable of most advanced spacial resolution.

The launch took place in Satish Dawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh. With this successful launch India is likely to become a global launch destination for the small satellites with the mission vehicle PSLV.

Petta and Viswasam Release

Finally Petta and Viswasam are out on screen giving a healthy competition between the movie crew and the fans.

Image courtesy: Galatta

Pongal vibe started on Thursday with the release of two mass movies Petta and Viswasam enacted by the famous kollywood actors Rajinikanth and Ajith. Keeping in mind the demand for the shows and crowd, government has given permission for 5 shows per day.

Posters and banners put up by the fans shows the clash between the movies. Reviews and comments on the movies has become the trend of the day.

Petta by Rajinikanth after his elegant acting in 2.0 has given more expectation on the box office collection. Whereas Viswasam which is expected to be a family movie has occupied many single screens in theatres of rural areas.

Both the movies gives a positive pongal vibe even before the celebration has started.

All India General Strike

All India general strike for 48 hours was announced by the left unions and the central trade unions.

Inage courtesy: The News Minute

The strike starts by the midnight of Jan 7. The protest was announced by the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) condemning the “anti-labour, anti-people and anti-national policies adapted by the Modi government.

Many unions has given their support for the strike for two days Jan 8 and 9. These unions includes AITUC, HMS, AIUTUC, TUCC, etc. The trade unions are expected to condemn the decisions taken by the government without giving a thought on the opinions of the trade unions. They were to express their opposition of privatization and to address the issues of rural farmers.

Educational institutions including schools were closed in Odissa following the strike. The factories and industries around Delhi have promised their full support for the strike. Kerala and West-Bengal, the left-dominated states are expected to get a major impact of the strike.