COVID-19: India

The number of corona victims has reached upto 900 in India taking the country towards crucial stage.

Image courtesy: Quartz

Government of India is taking several steps to stop the outbreak of corona. PM Modi has announced 21 days lock down shutting down all sort of public gatherings. However, the toll of infected people was increasing gradually.

As on Saturday the toll of affected people increased upto 918. The Ministry of Health amd Family Welfare announced that the death toll has increased upto 19, with Maharashtra having a total of 9 deaths. Maharashta and Kerala have the leading number of affected people upto 180 and 176 respectively.

With regard to fighting the pandemic together, many business men and celebrities are contributing to the PM’s relief fund. Tata group has promised to provide ₹500 crore to fight the pandemic. Sachin Tendulkar made the biggest contribution among the sportsmen of around ₹50 lakhs to fight against the pandemic. Dhoni contributed ₹1 lakh. Akshay Kumar has pledged to donate ₹50 crore to the PM relief fund. Comedy King Kapil Sharma added ₹50 lakhs while Hrithik Roshan provided N95 masks to the BMC workers and caretakers.

NASA: To Send 10.9 Million Names to Mars

NASA’s Mars 2020 mission which is scheduled for the summer has planned to take the 10.9 million names to the red planet.

Image courtesy: Space Centre Houston

NASA was about to send a Perseverance Mars Rover, the central piece of Mars 2020 mission to the red planet, Mars. This spacecraft was scheduled to be sent between July 17 and August 5. With correspondence to this mission, NASA conducted a campaign named “Send your Name to Mars.”

This campaign gained a lot of response and more than ten million people (10,932,295) had send their names. All their names were stenciled in three finger nail sized silicon chips using electron beams which were placarded to the spacecraft. Also 155 essays selected from the finalists of the NASA’s “Name the Rover” contest were also etched in the chip. The winner of the essay contest was Alex Mather, a seventh-grader from Virginia.

Perseverance launcher was estimated to land on Mars by February, 2021. NASA said that they will launch the spacecraft in spite of corona pandemic. The robot, once it reaches Mars will characterize the geology of the planet while searching for the signs of ancient Mars life.


Discourse reaches a fiery stage as Twitter trends with #ChineseVirus19.

WHO has named the corona virus COVID-19, with an intention of not attaching any bias over any countries over the development of the virus. However, as the virus spread begun at China, there was prevailing a general idea as to its origin and a doubt of it being an initiation of biowar.

China has already mentioned its disagreement with other countries blaming them as the source of corona virus. However, this argument surfaced on the internet on Thursday.

Few netizens trended the #ChineseVirus19 on internet blaming China for being the source for spreading the virus. Following this a series of tweets were posted with varied comments. Few netizens requested not to retweet such harsh comments on China.

The Washington Post is condemned for using the term “Chinese Virus” on their newspaper. People recalled the time when China used the term “African Swine Fever” for swine fever.

Covid-19 is still increasing in many countries taking the lives of so many innocent people. Self awareness and self protection looks more important now than any of those heated argument.

COVID-19: Spain Surges above China

The death toll because of the pandemic COVID-19 surges in Spain over China as 738 dies within 24 hours.

On Wednesday, the death toll in Spain is reported to be 738 within 24 hours. The total number of people who lost their lives because of the disease has reached upto 3,434 in Spain. This number has exceeded China where nearly 3,285 deaths were recorded. Italy still remains as the worst affected country with 6,820 deaths.

The top health official Fernando Simon of Spain reported earlier that the country has not yet reached the peak of the outbreak. Unfortunately there are chances for more deaths. Also Prime Minister was about to discuss the issue with the MPs to extend the emergency situation upto two more weeks.

In England, Prince Charles is been tested positive for corona virus. Hence he is isolated and kept under observation. The Indian-American celebrity chef Floyd Cardoz dies of corona in New York on Wednesday. The global death toll is nearing 20,000 as the countries are struggling to keep the spread under check.

Corona Virus: India under 21 Days Lockdown

The Nations President in his second address towards the people of India regarding the pandemic announced a lockdown for 21 days.

As the novel virus’s spread increases rapidly, the Indian government is taking serious measures to keep it under control. The Prime Minister of India addressed the people of the country by 8’o clock at night regarding the pandemic. He mentioned many measures for the people to strictly follow.

PM Modi announced a lockdown across the whole country for 21 days. The lockdown begins by tonight midnight and continues till 14th of April. Except for the emergency and few essential commodities and medical supplies all other industries and companies will remain closed. All forms of transportation has been suspended for the next 21 days.

People were advised to follow the lockdown strictly to avoid the spread of virus. All educational institutions were closed and the examinations has been postponed. All forms of works has been stopped for the time being.

PM Modi proclaimed the importance of social distancing saying that it applies even to the Prime mInister. He also said that we are under a crucial situation and these 21 days lockdown must be followed strictly inorder to fight against the pandemic that is shaking the whole world.

He also tweeted, “My fellow citizens. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO PANIC. Essential commodities, medicines, etc would be available. Centre and various state governments will work in close coordination to ensure this. Together we will fight COVID-19 and create a healthier India. Jai Hind!”

Corona Virus: India Takes Serious Actions

As the toll of affected people in India increases gradually, many of the states/UT have announced internal lockdown.

Image courtesy: WUR

The toll of COVID-19 affected people has increased upto 471 in India. Inspite of the various measures taken by the government people still were negligible not realizing the situation.

As the international flights were blocked a long time back, the domestic flights were to be closed as on Tuesday. Nearly 30 states and Union Territories in India has been locked down. PM Modi has discussed the issues with the state leaders asking them to force measures including lockdown to prevent further spread.

The foreigners who do not follow one month stay at home will get their passports cancelled. The corona affected people’s houses were marked and secluded from other’s visit. Indian railways has blocked its service till the end of March.

Tamil Nadu has advised the people to follow a lockdown from 24th March evening 6’o clock till March 31st. Districts including Chennai, Kancheepuram and Erode were completely blocked on all sides.

The death toll for Corona in India has also raised upto 9 as on Monday. So serious measures were taken and greater support is expected from the people. The global death toll has raised upto 15, 433.

International Day of Forests

The International Day of Forests was celebrated every year on the 21st of March.

Forests are the biggest diverse ecosystem holding upto 80% of the terrestrial species. It remains a major source for the production of vital resources for life. Nearly one-third of the earth’s landmass is covered with forests.

Every aspects of our life is connected with forest in one way or the other. They play a vital role in one’s survival though their importance is not felt much. It thus is essential to preserve these forests.

The United Nations General Assembly declared March 21st to be the International Day of Forests on 2012. The United Nations Forum on Forests and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO) collaborates with different government agencies in the preservation of the Forests.

The theme for the International Day of Forest 2020 is Forests and Biodiversity.

Nirbhaya Convicts Executed

Four men convicted for the gang rape case of 23-year-old Nirbhaya in Delhi were hanged to death on Friday.

In the year 2012, a 23-year-old physiotheray intern was gang-raped in an empty bus in Delhi. The case grabbed the attention of the whole India, showing how trivial the safety of women in the country was.

After the brutal rape, the victim died. Four men including a minor were found to be convicts of the case. They include Mukesh, Vinay, Pawan Gupta and Akshay Kumar Singh.

After 8 years of case and trials, the four convicts were put to execution on Friday as per the wish of Nirbhaya’s parents and the expectation of the people. The criminals were hanged in the Delhi Tihar jail by around 5:30 a.m. in the morning on Friday.

One of the criminal Mukesh Singh said in his final statement that he wanted to donate his organs. Whereas, Vinay Sharma gave all his paintings to the jail superintendent. No convict is reported to record any will before their execution.

After the execution, PM tweeted that “Justice has prevailed. It is of utmost importance to ensure dignity and safety of women. Our Nari Shakti has excelled in every field. Together, we have to build a nation where the focus is on women empowerment, where there is emphasis on equality and oppurtunity.”

Corona Virus: Janata Curfew

Indian Prime Minister Modi has called on his people to follow a curfew on Sunday, as an awareness on the pandemic corona virus.

As the world is being threatened by the novel Covid-19 virus, the world countries are taking measures to put things right again. Uhan, China, the place were corona began said earlier that no new victims were reported today.

Many countries including Australia, Canada, Argentina, have locked down the international transportation to check further spread of the virus from the external sources.

On Thursday, Indian PM Modi had a talk with the people on corona virus threat. He proposed his people not to panic, but to work together to eradicate it. He invited the people to follow a ‘Janata Curfew’ on March 22. It is a public curfew to be followed by every citizen on Sunday from morning 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

He also established a Covid-19 Economic Response Task Force under the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman, to look into the economic fallout of this pandemic in the country.

As for now, the cases has increased to more than 170 in India resulting in 4 deaths. The country is taking a robust measure to eradicate the spread. The schools, coleges, and universities were closed along with all kinds of social gatherings. Semester exams were postponed to other dates in colleges.

Earthquake Hits Magna

Magna, Utah, a city 10 miles west to the Salt Lake City was hit by a strong earthquake on Wednesday.

The city was suddenly hit by an earthquake measuring upto 5.7 magnitude. Magna was shook by the earthquake at around 7 a.m. in the morning, knocking off the power, shaking the walls. The earthquake measured 5.7 magnitude according to the U. S. Geological survey and is the largest earthquake faced by the state since 1962.

The pandemic has taken the city making the people stay indoors. The people of Salt Lake City who were closed behind their doors because of the corona virus faced this another hazard on Wednesday. People were shocked because of this strong earthquake.

No injury was reported immediately after the earthquake. However, few damage in property and cracked buildings were reported. The Salt Lake City international airport was closed because of the earthquake.