North Korean President Reappears

Kim Jong Un, the president of North Korea has put an end to all the rumours that arose over his disappearance.

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Kim Jong Un, who usually stirs lot of attention from the world over his every move is been completely absent from the world stage for the past three weeks. Reports said that he has undergone a cardio vascular surgery for obesity.

As no news on his health has been put forward, rumors started to spread even about him being dead. Also him not appearing the country’s very important ceremony strengthened the rumour. South Korea claimed his well-being on all those days. US Predient Trump didn’t utter much about the incident.

Putting an end to all these to an end, President Kim Jong Un made his first public appearance after 20 days. He attended an opening ceremony of a fertilizer factory near Pyongyang. He appeared to be healthy. The officials invited him cheerfully with “Hurrah”s. kim Jong Un’s sister was also present along with him in the ceremony.

COVID-19: India Lockdown Extension

The lockdown has been extended in India for the third time with certain rules as per the division of pandemic zones.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India released the extended lockdown reports on Friday. As the already extended lockdown is coming to a halt on the 3rd of May, the forthcoming extension was announced in advance.

In the report, Health Ministry has divided the country in three different zones. “The ‘hotspots’ have been identified on the bases of areas where large COVID-19 outbreaks have been reported or in clusters with a significant spread of the disease.” The states were divided into red, orange and green zones based on the intensity of the virus spread.

Red zones were the ones with highest number of cases. The orange zones were the districts where the pandemic has just occured and the green zones were the districts with no pandemic records for the last 21 days. The lockdown will be activated from May 4 till May 17.

Few restrictions still remain the same throughout the country until May 17: no educational institution will function including coaching centres, no religious meetings, gathering in theatres and other public entertainment zones were prohibited. Whereas, commercial and private offices can be opened with only 33% staff attending. Out-patient department and clinics can be opened. Pharmaceutical units can operate. Liquor shops were allowed only in the green and orange zones with social distancing.

Rishi Kapoor Dies of Cancer

Rishi Kapoor, the veteran actor of Bollywood died on Wednesday because of cancer.

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The 67-year-old actor was diagnosed of cancer before two years. He stayed in New York for treatment for one year. On Wednesday morning he was admitted in the Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital. His death was announced by his family on Thursday.

Rishi Kapoor was one of the veteran actors of Bollywood. He has starred in movies like Amar Akbhar Antony, Naseeb, Karz and 102 Not Out. He has also co-starred with Amitab Bachchan and others.

His funeral was conducted in the Chandanwadi Crematorium in Mumbai. His close family including son Ranbir, brother Randir were present. Also other cini actors including Kareena, Abishek Bachchan, Alia Bhatt, were spotted at the crematorium.

It was great loss in the field of cinema in two days. Many others has expressed their grief and respect for the deceased actor.

Irrfan Khan Dies at 53

At the age of 53, one of the leading Indian actor Irrfan Khan dies of cancer.

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Irrfan Khan(53) was diagnosed of neuroendocrine tumor in the year 2018. He was one of the iconic Indian actor who has engraved an unforgettable place for himself in the Anglo-American movie fiels. He has played important roles in famous movies including Slumdog Millionaire, Jurrasic World and Life of Pi.

He was admitted in a hospital in Mumbai on Tuesday evening for colon infection. However, unfortunately a statement was released on Wednesday stating his death. The statement read, “Irrfan was a strong soul, someone who fought till the very end and always inspired everyone who came close to him.” The family announced that he died in the presence of his family members and the people who loved him the most. He was buried at the Versova Kabrastan at 3 pm in Mumbai.

His death has sent the people of Inida including the leaders and co-actors in a mourn. People were paying homage to the loss of his life. PM Narendra Modi has said that it was “a loss to the world of cinema and theatre.” Amitab Bachan has stated that his demise has left a huge vaccum. Priyanka Chopra tweeted, “The charisma you brought to everything you did was pure magic.”

COVID-19: India

The number of corona affected cases in India is on hype.

As of Tuesday India has a total number of 29,451 cases. Whereas, the death toll has increased upto 939. There are chances for the lockdown to be extended with the further increase in the affected cases. After the meeting with PM Modi, the Chief Ministers suggested that it might not be a good idea to loosen the lockdown.

In Karnataka few restrictions were lifted. Maharashtra sees increasing number of patients as days go by. Industries were allowed to operate in Uttarakhand. Health Ministry announced on Tuesday that the plasma therapy is still at the experimental level and there is still no evidence for its usage for treatment.

COVID-19 : First Person Recovered by Plasma Therapy in India

The first person to be completely recovered from the corona virus using the plasma therapy is recorded in India.

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A patient from Delhi who was treated with the convalescent plasma therapy was fully recovered hitting as the first patient to be recovered so from India. He was a 49-year-old patient who was tested positive for the virus and was admitted in hospital on 4th April. As his conditions grew very serious, he was administered with plasma from a donor who recovered three weeks before from the corona attack. Fortunately, the man was fully recovered from the virus as per the record.

Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja from the Max Healthcare said that the plasma therapy was no magic bullet. There would also be other factors that could make the recovery possible. However, the first man from India has been recovered successfully. It is to be noted that many states are taking initiatives to administer plasma therapy for the quick recovery of the patients.

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Kim Jong Un Suspicion

The mystery over the condition of the North Korean President’s condition hypes among the people as a senior executive of China says yes to the question.

The suspicions still continue to be the same as no official report on the president’s condition is released yet. After undergoing a surgery the condition of his health was not shared much.

His retainment from the public appearance on the contry’s two important occassions: April 15, a day honouring the founder of the country (Kim’s late grandfather Kim Il Sung) and April 25, at the 88th anniversary of Korean People’s Revolutionary Army has provoked the suspicions over his health condition.

While US remains tight-lipped yielding nothing towards the credance of the rumor, a Hong Kong Satellite TV executive told her followers on Weibo that Kim Jong Un was dead. Though her news was not that credible, it has turned a lot of attention towards North Korea.

The president’s name is been trending among the netizens with people wondering about the president’s condition.

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COVID-19: Death Hypes to 50,000

The death toll in America because of COVID-19 pandemic rises to more than 50,000 on Friday.

America still remains to be the most affected country because of the pandemic virus. People keep dying in masses because of the attack. On Friday the total number of people who diedbecause of the pandic has reached 50,954. Whereas, the covid cases recorded were upto 9,03,775.

The whole country was in a trauma in fear for the further increase of the pandemic virus. Though many measures were taken by the government under President Trump’s announcement, the threat is still becoming strong among the people. On the other hand the possiblity of economic instabilities is an added struggle to them. Economists says that lakhs of people might lose their job if the situation still continues.

World Book and Copyright Day

The world Book and Copyright Day was celebrated annually on the 23rd of April.

World book and copyright day was celebrated by UNESCO and other similar organisations on the 23rd of April. On this day we remember the glory of books and spread the need to inculcate the habit of reading among people. The books and reading material available in hundreds of countries are recognised on this day.

23rd of April celebrated as the international book day was finalized by UNESCO general conference in the year 1995. April 23rd is an important day in the field of literature. The great literary figure William Shakespeare was born on the same day. This day was celebrated in a manner to pay homage to the great literary figures.

The Director General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay said, ” Books have unique ability both to entertain and to teach. They are at once a means of exploring realms beyond our personal experience, through exposure to different authors, universe and cultures, and a means of accessing the deepest recesses of our inner selves.”

Earth Day 2020

Finally a day to congratulate and celebrate the mother earth for her endless provision of goodness to the humankind.

The International Earth Day was celebrated every year on the 22nd of April. Though many awareness programmes and campaigns were conducted, the earth is still facing a lot of damage because of pollution of all kinds.

Oil spillage, pollution over land, water, air, deforestration, and a lot more have caused severe damage to the earth surface. The future of our mother earth is in the hands of every human being residing on earth. It is the responsibility of every person to contribute for the betterment of the earth.

The World Earth Day was initiated in the year 1970. This year is special as it is the 50th anniversary of this celebration. Many live events and campaigns were conducted across the globe to enhance awareness.

The theme for the Earth Day 2020 is “Climate action.” This theme was selected to bring the attention of people towards the climatic change which will become one of the greatest challenge towards the humanity in the future.