International Day of Forests

The International Day of Forests was celebrated every year on the 21st of March.

Forests are the biggest diverse ecosystem holding upto 80% of the terrestrial species. It remains a major source for the production of vital resources for life. Nearly one-third of the earth’s landmass is covered with forests.

Every aspects of our life is connected with forest in one way or the other. They play a vital role in one’s survival though their importance is not felt much. It thus is essential to preserve these forests.

The United Nations General Assembly declared March 21st to be the International Day of Forests on 2012. The United Nations Forum on Forests and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation (FAO) collaborates with different government agencies in the preservation of the Forests.

The theme for the International Day of Forest 2020 is Forests and Biodiversity.

World Social Work Day 2020

The International Social Work Day was followed on the third Tuesday of every March. It falls on 17th of March on 2020.

The World Social Work Day was celebrated every year to recognize all the social workers who work to enhance social justice among the fellow beings. Social workers are those selfless souls who work for the welfare of the individuals, families and communities among whom they live. They are the skilled people who specialize in working towards the social and emotional wellbeing of the community.

The theme for the World Social Work Day 2020 is “Promoting the importance of Human Relationships.”

This theme was specially chosen to establish the importance of interdependence of human beings. Keeping in mind the novel COVID-19 which is taking lives altogether, this theme was selected. It implies the necessity of working together to eradicate the growing weed.

World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day was celebrated annualy to create an awareness among people on the importance of sleep and the disorders related to sleeping issues.

World Sleep Day was regulated by a group of healthcare providers and members of medical committee who came together with a good intention to spread the news on importance of sleep. This day was organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society. Every year the Friday before the Spring Vernal Equinox is celebrated as World Sleep Day.

The theme for the World Sleep Day 2020 is ” Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Planet.”

World Kidney Day

International Kidney Day is observed anually on the second Thursday of March. Accordingly, it falls on the 12th of March 2020.The World Kidney Day was followed every year to spread awareness among millions of people about the preventive measures of the kidney diseases. Proper awareness and campaign programmes might increase the awareness among people preventing this non-communicable diseases.This day was jointly organized by the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and rue Internatinal Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF). This day was first celebrated in the year 2006.The theme for Internation Kidney Day 2020 is “Kidney health for everyone everywhere- from prevention to detection and equitable access to care.”

World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day is celebrated internationally on the 3rd of March.

This day was celebrated to create an awareness on the biodiversity prevention for the betterment of the surviving species on earth. This day emphasises the importance of preservation of wildlife fauna and flora and their benefits towards the people.

Thr United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) declared March 3 as World Wildlife Day on December 20,2013. March 3 is selected as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) was adopted at the same day in 1973 to ensure safety for flora and fauna while trading them.

The theme for the World Wildlife Day 2020 is “Sustaining all life on Earth.” This theme is selected with respect to 2020 being celebrated as “Biodiversity super year.”

National Science Day 2020

India celebrates the National Science Day annually on 28th February with respect to the scientific invention of Sir CV. Raman

On February 28, 1928 Sir CV Raman invented one of the important concepts of Physics, The Raman Effect. In remembrance of his contribution, Indian government celebrates this day as the National Science Day. For his invention, Sir CV Raman was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930.

On this day we remember all the scientists who have contributed to the field of science with their inventions. This day was proposed by the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC). As per their request the first National Science Day was celebrated in the year 1987.

This day was celebrated at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. President Ram Nath Govind makes his honorable presence awarding the scientists who contributed to science with their innovations.

The theme for the National Science Day 2020 is “Women in Science.” This theme is selected to honor the women scientists for their amazing contributions to the field of science.

Source: Jagran Josh

Black Day- Pulwama Attack

India remembers the day dedicated for love as the Black Day, in honour of the great martyr souls of Indian Army who were killed in the Pulwama attack.

Image courtesy: Amar Ujala.

As the world celebrates the Valentines Day, showering love on their beloved ones, the people of India pay homage to the 44 CRPF martyrs who were killed in a terrorist attack in Pulwama.

On 14th February 2019, a convoy of vehicles carrying a paramilitary troop in the Srinagar-Jammu higway was exploded by a suicide bomber belonging to the Pakistan based terror group, Jaish-e-Mohammad. The attack took around 3pm near Pulwama when a SUV carrying nearly 80 kilo of explosives banged into the convoy vehicle.Neary 44 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel were killed in the attack and few others were injured.

India remembers the first anniversary of these brave souls who laid their life for country’s sake. Political leaders and others paid homage to the martyrs of the country. Netizens expressed their regret and respect on the attack putting forth their voice on the attack.

World Radio Day

The World Radio Day is celebrated annually on February 13th.

Image courtesy: OneWorldNews

This day was celebrated to remember the antique technique of information sharing that has not altered its existence even after a century. Though radio is years old, it still remains intact being the source of sharing news and information to many community of people.

The World Radio Day was initiated by UNESCO. It was decided at the 36th session of UNESCO’s General Conference to proclaim February 13 as the day for radio.

The theme for the World Radio Day 2020 is ‘Radio and Diversity.’ This theme brings the focus on plurilingualism, as radio remains an important media to preserve linguistic tolerence.

The All India Radio (AIR) News broadcasts in about 92 languages and dialects in 607 bulletins.

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is remembered every year on the 4th of February to stop the preventable deaths caused by cancet among the people without awareness.

The World Cancer Day is organized by Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). This day was launched to create a mass awareness on the preventable cancer diseases.

People lack awareness that they tend to treat cancer as an incurable disease. However, many cancer can be treated and prevented at the early stages. Many rally was conducted on this day to reduce the cancer risk factors.

The theme for the World Cancer Day 2020 is I Am and I Will. “This World Cancer Day, we recognise that our commitment to act will lead to powerful progress in reducing global impact of cancer.”

World Wetland Day

World Wetland Day is celebrated anually on the 2nd of February.

Image courtesy: Ramsar

This day is inaugrated to create an awareness on protecting the wet marshlands of the world. A small group of environmentalists came with an idea and signed an international contract with Ramsar Convention in Iran.

The day is being celebrated since 1997 and now it has become a global convention to protect the wetlands for humanity.

“Wetlands and Biodiversity” is the theme for international Wetland Day for the year 2020. Wetland biodiversity with its 6% area on earth explains its importance for protecting it.