Australian Bushfire

Australia is now facing one of the largest catastrophe of the century over the spread of bushfire almost all over the country.

Image courtesy: BBC

This is one of the largest catastrophe that Australia has ever faced. The wildlife in Australia is under the verge of extinction as naturalists say that millions of animals were dead already because of the fire. This estimation is on birds, mammals and reptiles excluding frogs and bats.

Australia is facing a draught under the extreme hot climate. Adding to this the fire has turned the island into flames. The fire is been burning for more than a month now and nearly 18 million acres of land including forests, national parks were burnt to ashes.

New south Wales is badly affected by the fire. Nearly half a billion animals from NSW were affected by fire. Though extreme heat is to be blamed for the unstoppable fire, nealry 183 people were found guilty for the same. Forty of them were juvenille and are arrested for causing an arson. Nearly 24 people were reported dead because of the fire.

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

September 16th of every year is celebrated as the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.

Ozone is the protective layer of the planet earth that prevents the dangerous ultra-violet rays of the sun from entering the earth’s atmosphere. This layer is been facing a lot of danger recently because of the harmful chemical substances released to the earth’s atmosphere. Scientists states that holes are being formed in the ozone protective layer because of these harmful poisonous gases.

On September 15, 1987 the Montreal Protocol is signed. This is an international environment agreement pact created and signed to prevent the usage of Ozone Depletion Substances (ODS).

The International Day for the Preservation of Ozone Layer was commemorated by the United Nations General Assembly on December 17, 2000 in honor of the Montreal Protocol.

The theme for World Ozone Day 2019 is 32 Years and Healing. This theme is set to celebrate the three decades cooperation of the various nations to prevent the ozone layer.

Flaming Lungs (Amazon) of the Planet

Amazon Forests, also called Lungs of the Planet is been on fire for the past two weeks stealing the oxygen of the world from the living generation.

Image courtesy: Daily Express

The world’s biggest forest, Amazon was on fire and the environmentalists blame the human for setting a trap for their own lives.

Such a great disaster that is been happening for nearly two weeks is denied by all the news channels and other countries. Here is a brief account on the great danger our planet is facing.

Amazon is the largest forest present in the world. It has a thick set of plantation which contributes upto 20% of the oxygen supply to the world. Among the living species on earth one out of ten was present in Amazon.

Such a thick plantation near Brazil started to burn two weeks ago which raised a thick smoke above the places near them. As the media of Brazil turned a blind eye towards the flaming forest, the fire was detected and made known to the world by NASA. Recently, the NASA satellite detected a smoky layer above Brazil. On probing into the details, the great fire on the Amazon forests was detected.

Though the issue was complained to the Brazil government, they claimed it to be personal and denounced the involvement of other countries and organizations into this burning concept.

The fire was started by the people near the forest for improving their farming and agriculture. The tropical humid climate of this season always leaves the forest a bit dry. The farmers of these region set fire to the forsest so that they could fertilize the land and use it as their next agricultural and farming land.

This usual scenario of setting fire to the forest anually has turned into a drastic accident on this year. The smoke was so thick and large that the city of San Paulo, Brazil situated 1,700 miles away from this forest became smoky making it impossible for the sunlight to probe into the city. The whole place shows smoke from the space.

This news of the drastic natural calamity was however brought into attention by the netizens and young generation of the world. News was spread through the internet claiming attention of the people all around the world. People are tweeting about the issue demanding action in order to protect the furture generation.

Volcano Erupts in Indonesia

A volcano erupts in Indonesia spitting smoke and ashes.

Image courtesy: The Herald

The valcono in the city of Bandung erupted suddenly on Friday spitting smoke and ashes upto several hundred metres around the mountain.

This unexpected eruption had sent people to the warning mode. Nearly 76,000 people were evacuated from the region. The neighbours around the region were sent to safe places. Tourist spots near the volcano were closed temporarily.

Bandung is the third largest city in Indonesia. The cars and other automobiles were covered with ashes from the eruption. Indonesia is already around the Pacific Ring of Fire susceptible to active eruption of volcanos.

Assam Faces a Flood

The state of Assam faces a flood due to the rise in the water level of Brahmaputra river.

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Nearly seven were killed in the tragic calamity as for now. 25 states out of the 33 were affected the most. Relief measures were taken at a faster rate.

The monsoon rain has bought the rise in the water level. Guwahati and few other major cities of the country are likely to face the calamity as Brahmaputra river flows through these cities.

Assam faced the major effect with 15 lakh people suffering because of the heavy flood and lost all their belongings. Army and disaster relief camps were set up to help the affected people in need.

Mumbai Faces a Flood

After a long wait for the monsoon, Mumbai was blessed with heavy rain resulting in a flood.

Image courtesy: The National

The south-west monsoom has begun to hit certain places in the northern country, whereas other area remains dry and parched.

Several places in and around Mumbai faced heavy rain since Friday. Weather forecast states that the rain would continue till June 29. Three people were killed because of electric shock during the flood and 5 were injured.

Earthquake Hits Indonesia

A powerful earthquake hitted Indonesia’s Banda sea. The earthquake is of 7.3 magnitude, the effect of which was felt upto Australia.

Image courtesy: Mirror

Tsunami warnings were not given since the earthquake took place 129 miles deep. Yet, the seismic waves were felt so far upto the northern part of Australia which was nearly 450 miles away. The Australian city of Darwin was evacuated following the seismic effects which led to the slight shaking of the buildings.

Earthquake hits Japan

Northern Japan was hitted by a sudden earthquake measuring upto 6.4 on scale.

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The earthquake struck the city of Yamagata at about 9:20 a.m. EDT. The coastal areas of Sea of Japan including Yamagata, Niigata and Ishikawa were given tsunami warnings.

Damage is not much recorded as yet. Power loss is created because of land slides in the Northern Japan. Nuclear Power stations reported no threats yet.

Cyclone Vayu Nears Gujarat

A severe cyclonic storm Vayu is nearing Gujarat. The storm is predicted to hit Gujarat by Thursday.

Image courtesy: Livemint

Nearly 3.1 lakh people were evacuated to safety following the nearing storm. The relief and rescue actions were taken to prevent greater disaster.

The army, warships, NDFR and other relief operations were set in attention throughout the place. Food, drinking water, medical aids and other emergency measures were kept ready.

People were moved to safe places. Flight operations were also suspended in the five airports in Gujarat.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th June. This day was initiated by United Nations to create awareness among people about the protection of our environment.

Image courtesy: Environmental alerts

This years theme for the World Environment Day was set by China. The theme is “Beat Air Pollution.”

As the main event of the day, the host has declared a ‘Mask Challenge.’ People where encouraged to share their pics wearing masks while doing something to reduce the pollution in their environment.

Following this theme several programs and campaigns were conducted around the world to create awareness.