Mosque Ablaze: CAA Revelry Continues

Muslim mosque burnt on Tuesday following the severe protest of Muslim against the CAA.

As the Muslims in the North East Delhi were on a strike against the CAA for the few days, on Tuesday the peaceful requistion for the withdrawal of CAA turned into a chaos and rivalry as few Hindu men banged everything into a warfield.

A group of men entered the mosque on Tuesday chanting “Jai Shri Ramand phrase meaning “Hindustan for Hindus.” The crowd set fire to the mosque, pelting stones and setting fire to the houses of Muslims.

Nearly 15 Muslims were killed and nearly 150 were injured in this rivalry. Severe chaos has raised over this religious outburst in Delhi. As CAA was opossed by many people al over India, this act has stirred the attention of many demanding action.

As the opposition for CAA started on Sunday, small clashes took place in several places in Delhi. This incident on Tuesday has shook the country with the extremist’s outright action of burning the mosque, hoisting thier flags and looting the properties of Muslims.

Source: The Wire

19 Dead as a Truck Collided with a Bus

A terrible accident took place near Tirupur which took the lives of 19 people who travelled to Bengaluru from Kerala.

The Volvo bus belonging to Kerala (KSRTC) was on its way to Bengaluru from Ernakulam when it met a serious disaster. A truck carrying loads of tiles lost its control while taking a turn in the highway near Avinashi town in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu.

In this terrible misfortune, nearly 19 people who travelled in bus (14 men and 5 women) died on the spot. 23 others who travelled in the bus where injured severely. The truck driver who escaped was arrested by the police.

The CM of Kerala, Pinaryi Vijayan has requested Palakkad District Collector to extend its assistance in tackling the emergency. PM Modi has expressed his grief over the accident.

CAA Protest- Thousands Gather in Mumbai

Thousands of Muslims including women gather at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan in protest against CAA.

Image courtesy: NewsClick

As the citizens of India continue to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Register (NPR), government still refuse to heed to their cries. On Saturday a huge mass of Muslims including women gathered at the Azad Maidan, a Mumbai’s iconic place to voice out their oppossition against these acts.

They took resolutions against submission of any records proving their citizenship as they claimed that they had been citizens of India since time immemorial. They gathered in a huge crowd from various parts of Mumbai and Maharashtra holding banners and flags.

They shouted against PM Modi and Amit Shah demanding “freedom from the CAA and the NRC.”

COVID-19: WHO Names Corona Virus

The World Health Organization names Corona virus as COVID-19.

The epidemic virus that began its destruction in China has reached almost all the world countries. As the death toll has increased upto 1,100 the virus still continues to spread.

WHO (World Health Organization) has given a new name to this coronavirus- COVID-19. The acronym expands as Corona Virus Disease 2019, signifying the end of 2019 when the disease began to outbreak.

This name was particularly framed so as not to attach any stigma. Ghebreyesus, the director general of WHO informed that the new name refers to no animals, place or people associaited with the disease.

News reports says that the death toll continues to raise eventhough the infection rate has increased. Death in China has raised upto 1,113 whereas the number of confirmed cases has raised to 44,653. 393 cases has been reported outside China.

The virus that has affected the cruise ship passangers in Yokohama, Japan has spread to the land when an employee of health minister has resulted positive for illness after he checks the passangers of the cruise.

Corona virus: Doctor’s Death Triggers Anger

The epidemic corona virus is still spreading and has taken the life of more than 600 people sending the world into a frenzy. The recent update on the death of a doctor has triggered the anger of the world towards China.

Image courtesy: Financial Times

Dr. Li Wenliang of China is said to have been affected by the corona virus while he was treating the affected patients. It is said that Dr. Li has sent a message to his fellow medics last December. On his message he has expressed his doubt on the virus saying that it appeared more like SARS- a deadly corona virus.

However, his voice was shun by the police. They never took him into account and enquired him for spreading false rumors. But now Dr. Li’s prediction has become true. Unfortunately, Dr. Li died on Friday leaving his warning to the world.

This death of Dr. Li had triggered the anger and grief of people all over the world. Complaints is being raised against Chinese government for not taking into proper account the predictions made by Dr. Li. After the outrage of the people China has promised to sent thier best investigation team to Wuhan, Hubei province. The doctor was just 34-years-old.

According to the latest update, nealry 636 people have died and a 31,198 people were infected by the virus in China.

Corona Virus: Death toll rises to 249

As the deadly corona virus keeps increasing its pace in different countries, serious measures were taken to prevent it from spreading.

The epidemic has broke out in nearly 22 countries and 11,791 cases were reported so far. All the countries around the world were taking severe actions to stop the epidemic from spreading. China has faced the major loss of lives so far in accordance to the virus.

WHO has asked the countries to be aware of the local outbreaks. The disease remains dormant for nearly two weeks before it shows its symptoms.

Following the epidemic, all the international business with China is being shut down for the time being. Disney and Tesla has closed their industries in China. Also the international airlines and few other global companies has been shut down in China. Even the local government has ordered its factories for the mandatory shut down from Jan. 31 to Feb. 9.

Nirbhaya Convicts: Capital Punishment Postponed

The convicts of Nirbhaya case who were to be hung tomorrow was postponed for the time being.

In a heart shattering Delhi rape case, Nirbhaya was brutally gang-raped and murdered by four convicts in a running bus . As the case has been negotiated for more than a year, the four convicts were given capital punishment.

The capital punishment is to be carried out tomorrow. The long-awaited judgement was appreciated by the whole country for establishing righteousness. However, on Friday, the court has postponed the verdict ordering to delay the capital punishment until further orders were given.

As the convicts sought the reduction of punishment, their requests were not accepted by the court. However, this order of delaying the punishment has taken the country in a sweep.

RIP Mamba: Mourning the death of Kobe Bryant

The loss of legendary Los Angeles Laker, Kobe Bryant has sent the whole world of sports into a heavy loss.

Image courtesy: Los Angeles Time

Bryant was a legendary player who has recorded his name in the history of basketball as the five-time NBA Champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist. In an unfortunate helicopter crash, Bryant, his thirteen-year-old daughter, and seven others of the crew lost their lives on Monday. This loss has taken the whole world in a grief for the lost lives.

American President Trump, Obama, sports personalities incuding Virat Kohli, Rafael Nadal, Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Maria Sharapova and others has expressed their deep condolances for the demise.

The crash took place as Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others of the crew were flying in thier Sikorsky S-76 helicopter in the west of Los Angeles. Reports say that the crash happened because of the bad weather as the helicopter slammed against the hillside in Calavasas.

Internet was slamming with notes of grief from the netizens as people share their love towards the demised and his family.

Coronavirus Outbreak: China

Coronavirus death toll has raised upto 41 in China as the disease has continued to spread to many countries over time.

Image courtesy: ScienceAlert

China is been facing an outbreak of cronavirus with the beginning of the new year. Though serious measures where taken to prevent the spread of the virus, a handfull of countries had already recognized few victims of the virus. The countries that has identifed coronavirus include UK, France and Australia.

China alone has a number of 1,200 confirmed cases. While the death toll has increased upto 41 in China, Hubei province, where the virus outbreak began, has witnessed the death of 15 people.

The symptoms for the virus attack includes high fever, followed by dry cough. This virus causes severe acute respiratory infection. Though the death toll was within limited numbers, the virus is spreading fast and might end as a severe epidemic.

The virus is identified to affect the old and people with weak immune system and also the pet animals.

Shabana Azmi met with an Accident

The veteran Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi met with an accident on Saturday and is reported to be seriously injured.

Image Courtesy: ThePrint

The accident happened at around 3:00 pm on Saturday in the Mumbai-Pune highway near Khalapur. She was going on the SUV along with her husband Javed Akhtar, a notable lyricist. Javed is safe whereas, Azmi and an unidentified woman were reported to be critically injured.

Reports say that the SUV dashed against a truck resulting in the accident. Indian PM Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal and others has tweeted their concern praying for the speedy recovery of the actress.