SAARC- India Contributes for Preventing Corona Outbreak

The South Asian Association for Regional Coorperation (SAARC) leaders gathered in a video conference meeting putting in their efforts to stop the pandemic’s further attack.

The SAARC countries held a video conference on Sunday to discuss the novel corona that has spread to more than half the world. Afghan president Ashraf Ghani, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sgeikh Hasina, Bhutan Prine Minister Lotay Tshering, Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Nepal Prime Minsiter KP Sharma Oli and Indian Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi joined in the conference on Sunday.

As the conference proceeded, Indian PM Modi suggested an initiative to raise an emergency fund towards the Corona preventive measures. As an initiative he also offered an amount of $10 milion as an emergency fund. He also suggested that these fund can be used by any countries in need provided that they are in any of the emergency situation. He propounded the act of “collaboration not confusion, prepation not panic.”

Modi also offered to provide a set of doctors and testing kits to be used when needed in any urgent scenario. Also he announced that online training capsules will be available for any emergency responce teams.

As the conference progressed, each country representatives put forward the challenges faced in their own countries. Modi also suggested to have an unexpected meet on Friday for the further discussion on the serious issue.

Modi’s Quitting Social Media Revealed

On Monday, Prime Minister Modi made an announcement that swept the internet users by shock.

He tweeted stating “This Sunday, thinking of giving up my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. Will keep you all posted.” This post shocked the million followers of Modi. Netizens started trending several hastags including #NoSir, #NoModiNoTwitter and #IWillAlsoLeaveTwitter requesting him to retrieve his tweet.

On Tuesday Modi revealed his confession on Twitter. He tweeted stating that “This Women’s Day, I will give away my social media accounts to women whose life and work inspire us. This will help them ignite motivation in millions.”

Following this surprising campaign in honour of women who stand as a support for everyone, the netizens were requested to share inspiring stories on women from all walks of life. The hashtag #SheInspiresUs was assigned to share the stories of women from all walks of life. Among these stories, few best stories will be selected by PM Modi’s social media on Women’s Day (March 8).

PM Modi is one of the most followed social leaders in the world. He has a total of 53.3 million followers on Twitter, 44 million on Facebook and 35.2 million on Instagram.

AAP Sweeps Delhi by its Victory

The Delhi 2020 election results were announced later on Tuesday announcing the great victory of AAP under Kejriwal.

Iamge source:

The Aam Aathmi Party (AAP) under Kejriwal won the Delhi assembly election 2020, leaving less than ten seats only for its rivals. This victory was seen as the result of Kejriwal’s attention towards Delhi’s welfare.

Out of 70 seats for which election was held, AAP grabbed a handful of 68 seats leaving only 8 seats for BJP. Congress was left behind with nought lossing its deposit.

51-year-old Arvind Kejriwal was a former bureaucrat and anti-corruption activist. Once again the people of Delhi have chosen Kejriwal for his selfless service towards the welfare of the people involving more with the public.

Wishes pour for AAP party as people continue to wish him for his great victory.

Delhi Exit Polls: AAP likely to Win

Delhi Assembly election 2020 is conducted on Saturday with people who came to fullfil their voting rights as the citizen of India.

Image courtesy: Free Press Journal

The exit polls 2020 has made a prediction stating that Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is likely to win the election getting back to its position. The ruling AAM is in a rather safe position of winning the majority retaining the Chief Minister’s chair for Kejriwal for another set of year.

BJP, on the other hand is analysed to improve a bit from the last election conducted in 2015. BJP has also done its homework struggling to make a comeback after 20 long years. After the election, the Union Minister Amit Shah has called in the Delhi parliament members for a meeting.

Congress which has not won even a single poll in the last election is doing its best to reach the heights. The vote counting is to be done on Tuesday. There is more likely a chance for the exit polls to go wrong. Only 54.02% voters have turned up to cast their votes in the Delhi election 2020.

Rajinikanth refuses to Apologize

The veteran actor, Superstar Rajinikanth, refuses to apologize for his comment on Periyar.

Rajinikanth who is anticipated to enter the poitics anytime made a controversial comment on Periyar. While delivering an address on the fiftieth anniversary of Thuglak, a Tamil magazine, Rajinikanth made a note on Periyar. He said, “In 1971, at Salem, Periyar took out a rally against superstition in which naked images of Lord Ramachandramoorthy and Sita- with a garland of sandals- were displayed and no news outlet was published it.”

With this comment, the politician meant that though the news was concealed by other news publishers, only Thuglak cared to rewrite the article while critizing the act. As Rajini was blamed of ‘defamation’ on Periyar by DMK party, he refused to apologize stating that he has mentioned only the facts as was stated in a magazine.

The news on apology of the veteran actor and poltician was trending in Twitter with various perspectives from the netizens.


JP Nadda: BJP National President

JP Nadda is selected unopposed as the BJP National President on Monday.

Image courtesy: India Today

Bharatiya Janatha Party’s National President Election 2020 was conducted on Monday. By the end, BJP National Election Officer Radha Mohan Singh declared JP Nadda to be the unopposed National President of BJP for the period 2019-22.

JP Nadda has replaced Amit Shah who is been heading the BJP party since August, 2014. Nadda, who is 59, thus becomes the eleventh president to lead the BJP party.

Rajnath Singh and Nithin Gadkari has proposed Nadda’s name for the presidential election and was seconded by other members of the party. He was selected unopposed by any others. PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah were expected to give a speech at the elevation ceremony.

Source: Financial Express

Kota Death Toll Rises

The death toll of infants in JK Lon Hospital in Kota has raised over a period of time.

Image source: Daily Hunt

A series of tweets keep Kota hospital issue in trend bringing to the attention of netizens the increasing toll in infant death in JK Lon hospital.

It is reported that two infants has died within the two days of 2020. By the last three days of 2019, the hospital has reported the death of about ten infants. The committee set over the issue has reported that the hospital lacks oxygen pipelines and the extreme cold might be another reason for the death toll. The JK Lion Hospital has recorded about 963 deaths in 2019.

Following this BSP supremo Mayawati slammed Congress’ Priyanka Gandhi in a series of tweets. She stated that she was surprised over Priyanka Gandhi’s silence over the death toll of infants in Kota.

Jharkhand Election- Congress Wins

Jharkhand election ended with a major victory for Congress and its allies.

Image courtesy: India Today

Congress won more than the required majority of the votes defeating the ruling party BJP. The supporters and party members of Congress expressed their happiness by bursting crackers and giving sweets.

Jharkhand is seen as the second disastrous loss for BJP after losing its power in Maharashtra and crashing its alliance with Shiv Sena. Both BJP and Congress were in close lines with each other as the counting of votes progressed. BJP seemed confident about their victory in Jharkhand. However, the event turned to be a pleasant surprise for Congress.

PM Modi wished Congress on their victory. The CM Raghubar Das gave in his resignation to the governor Draupadi Murmu in Rajya Bhavan. Sharad Pawar said the Jharkhand results shows that the people are with non-BJP parties.

JMM party leader Hemant addressed the media saying it was time to fulfill their promises. He also stated that a new era has started in their state and he pledged to work for the people of Jharkhand.

Rape in India vs Rape Capital- Apologize

Twitter booming with hashtags highlighting the major politicians’ comment of “Rape in India” and “rape capital.”

Rahul Gandhi made a remark contradicting PM Narendra Modi’s statement of “Make in India.” He said that his statement has now changed into “Rape in India.”

This remark of Rahul Gandhi was made a big issue by the BJP politicians who commented on his views demanding him an apologize. “Not all men are rapists. This is an insult to India…,” commented Smriti Irani. A series of opposition voices was raised by the ruling party condemning Rahul for the comment that he made. However, Rahul Gandhi was not allowed to speak in the parliament.

Once outside, Rahul Gandhi said to the reporters that he was never going to apologize. He stated that BJP is trying to cover the issue that was burning up in the north east India by looming up a new argument. Giving this report, he tweeted a video of Narendra Modi in which he once remarked Delhi as “Rape capital.”

Rahul Gandhi’s tweet:

“Modi should apologize

  1. For burning North East
  2. For destroying India’s economy
  3. For this speech, a clip of which I’m attaching.”

This series of tweets and comments has took the netizens to a new talk. People were tweeting their views on rape and the level of protection in India.

Maharashtra CM Resigns

Devendra Fadnavis who became the CM of Maharashtra after a chaos resigned his chief ministership on Tuesday. Following his resignment, the opposition group has joined hands to take the government.

Maharashtra is facing a thriller stage in politics after the last election. After a long struggle in establishing a stable government, BJP decided to establish their rule as a major twist. As a result, Devendra Fadnavis was made the CM in a quick ceremony on Saturday. However, BJP is given upto the end of this month to prove its majority.

In this case, more than 162 ministers of the opposition party gathered together as a great crowd against BJP on Friday. Following this, Maharshtra CM resigned his post on Saturday saying that he will not be able to prove his majority.

Ajith Pawar, the Deputy CM met his uncle Sharad Pawar from National congress party on Saturday. Trio parties, Congress, National congress and Shiv Sena has now come together as a group against BJP. Uddhav Thackeray of Sena party is elected to be the CM. He is likely to take the oath on Thursday.