Congo Becomes the 2nd Worst Affected by Ebola

Congo of Africa has now been recorded as the second highest to be affected worsely by Ebola virus by WHO.

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WHO has already suspected 426 cases in Congo in which 379 victims were confirmed of the ebola attack and 47 were probable ones. According to a report given on August, 198 were confirmed of death. Congo has been declared so, based on the fact that the rate of contamination is high in spite of the number of ebola immunity drugs administered to the people.

Actions were being taken in a very faster rate since the rate of ebola attack on the new born babies is increasing gradually. The local rebels and few factors remain a hindrance for the treatment stated the officials.

The first major outbreak took place in West Africa killing almost 11,000 people between the years 2014 to 2016. Africa has been facing a lot of crisis for the past few years. Though Congo has faced the ebola outbreak nearly 10 times now this one proves to be looming large and very challenging.

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