Corona virus: Doctor’s Death Triggers Anger

The epidemic corona virus is still spreading and has taken the life of more than 600 people sending the world into a frenzy. The recent update on the death of a doctor has triggered the anger of the world towards China.

Image courtesy: Financial Times

Dr. Li Wenliang of China is said to have been affected by the corona virus while he was treating the affected patients. It is said that Dr. Li has sent a message to his fellow medics last December. On his message he has expressed his doubt on the virus saying that it appeared more like SARS- a deadly corona virus.

However, his voice was shun by the police. They never took him into account and enquired him for spreading false rumors. But now Dr. Li’s prediction has become true. Unfortunately, Dr. Li died on Friday leaving his warning to the world.

This death of Dr. Li had triggered the anger and grief of people all over the world. Complaints is being raised against Chinese government for not taking into proper account the predictions made by Dr. Li. After the outrage of the people China has promised to sent thier best investigation team to Wuhan, Hubei province. The doctor was just 34-years-old.

According to the latest update, nealry 636 people have died and a 31,198 people were infected by the virus in China.

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