Corona Virus: India Takes Serious Actions

As the toll of affected people in India increases gradually, many of the states/UT have announced internal lockdown.

Image courtesy: WUR

The toll of COVID-19 affected people has increased upto 471 in India. Inspite of the various measures taken by the government people still were negligible not realizing the situation.

As the international flights were blocked a long time back, the domestic flights were to be closed as on Tuesday. Nearly 30 states and Union Territories in India has been locked down. PM Modi has discussed the issues with the state leaders asking them to force measures including lockdown to prevent further spread.

The foreigners who do not follow one month stay at home will get their passports cancelled. The corona affected people’s houses were marked and secluded from other’s visit. Indian railways has blocked its service till the end of March.

Tamil Nadu has advised the people to follow a lockdown from 24th March evening 6’o clock till March 31st. Districts including Chennai, Kancheepuram and Erode were completely blocked on all sides.

The death toll for Corona in India has also raised upto 9 as on Monday. So serious measures were taken and greater support is expected from the people. The global death toll has raised upto 15, 433.

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