COVID-19: WHO Names Corona Virus

The World Health Organization names Corona virus as COVID-19.

The epidemic virus that began its destruction in China has reached almost all the world countries. As the death toll has increased upto 1,100 the virus still continues to spread.

WHO (World Health Organization) has given a new name to this coronavirus- COVID-19. The acronym expands as Corona Virus Disease 2019, signifying the end of 2019 when the disease began to outbreak.

This name was particularly framed so as not to attach any stigma. Ghebreyesus, the director general of WHO informed that the new name refers to no animals, place or people associaited with the disease.

News reports says that the death toll continues to raise eventhough the infection rate has increased. Death in China has raised upto 1,113 whereas the number of confirmed cases has raised to 44,653. 393 cases has been reported outside China.

The virus that has affected the cruise ship passangers in Yokohama, Japan has spread to the land when an employee of health minister has resulted positive for illness after he checks the passangers of the cruise.

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