Discourse reaches a fiery stage as Twitter trends with #ChineseVirus19.

WHO has named the corona virus COVID-19, with an intention of not attaching any bias over any countries over the development of the virus. However, as the virus spread begun at China, there was prevailing a general idea as to its origin and a doubt of it being an initiation of biowar.

China has already mentioned its disagreement with other countries blaming them as the source of corona virus. However, this argument surfaced on the internet on Thursday.

Few netizens trended the #ChineseVirus19 on internet blaming China for being the source for spreading the virus. Following this a series of tweets were posted with varied comments. Few netizens requested not to retweet such harsh comments on China.

The Washington Post is condemned for using the term “Chinese Virus” on their newspaper. People recalled the time when China used the term “African Swine Fever” for swine fever.

Covid-19 is still increasing in many countries taking the lives of so many innocent people. Self awareness and self protection looks more important now than any of those heated argument.

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