Delhi Exit Polls: AAP likely to Win

Delhi Assembly election 2020 is conducted on Saturday with people who came to fullfil their voting rights as the citizen of India.

Image courtesy: Free Press Journal

The exit polls 2020 has made a prediction stating that Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is likely to win the election getting back to its position. The ruling AAM is in a rather safe position of winning the majority retaining the Chief Minister’s chair for Kejriwal for another set of year.

BJP, on the other hand is analysed to improve a bit from the last election conducted in 2015. BJP has also done its homework struggling to make a comeback after 20 long years. After the election, the Union Minister Amit Shah has called in the Delhi parliament members for a meeting.

Congress which has not won even a single poll in the last election is doing its best to reach the heights. The vote counting is to be done on Tuesday. There is more likely a chance for the exit polls to go wrong. Only 54.02% voters have turned up to cast their votes in the Delhi election 2020.

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