A Day for Men to Celebrate

Intetnational Men’s day is celebrated throughout the world on November 19.

November, 19 in 2018 falls on Monday to celebrate the men’s world with a theme ‘Positive Male Role Models.’

Like women’s day, International Men’s day is also celebrated throughout the world though most people are unaware of it.

This day is celebrated to ensure men’s helath and wellbeing. It is also celebrated to heal the scarred hearts of men and to relieve them from social problems.

A report says that in UK the suicide rate of men is three time higher than that of women. Therefore this day is remembered to propose men of good mental health and to create an awareness on their physical health.

International Men’s Day is first inaugrated in the 1992 February. Later is was revived to November 19 by Jerome Teelucksingh in remembrance of his father.

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