COVID-19: India Lockdown Extension

The lockdown has been extended in India for the third time with certain rules as per the division of pandemic zones.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India released the extended lockdown reports on Friday. As the already extended lockdown is coming to a halt on the 3rd of May, the forthcoming extension was announced in advance.

In the report, Health Ministry has divided the country in three different zones. “The ‘hotspots’ have been identified on the bases of areas where large COVID-19 outbreaks have been reported or in clusters with a significant spread of the disease.” The states were divided into red, orange and green zones based on the intensity of the virus spread.

Red zones were the ones with highest number of cases. The orange zones were the districts where the pandemic has just occured and the green zones were the districts with no pandemic records for the last 21 days. The lockdown will be activated from May 4 till May 17.

Few restrictions still remain the same throughout the country until May 17: no educational institution will function including coaching centres, no religious meetings, gathering in theatres and other public entertainment zones were prohibited. Whereas, commercial and private offices can be opened with only 33% staff attending. Out-patient department and clinics can be opened. Pharmaceutical units can operate. Liquor shops were allowed only in the green and orange zones with social distancing.

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