Mosque Ablaze: CAA Revelry Continues

Muslim mosque burnt on Tuesday following the severe protest of Muslim against the CAA.

As the Muslims in the North East Delhi were on a strike against the CAA for the few days, on Tuesday the peaceful requistion for the withdrawal of CAA turned into a chaos and rivalry as few Hindu men banged everything into a warfield.

A group of men entered the mosque on Tuesday chanting “Jai Shri Ramand phrase meaning “Hindustan for Hindus.” The crowd set fire to the mosque, pelting stones and setting fire to the houses of Muslims.

Nearly 15 Muslims were killed and nearly 150 were injured in this rivalry. Severe chaos has raised over this religious outburst in Delhi. As CAA was opossed by many people al over India, this act has stirred the attention of many demanding action.

As the opposition for CAA started on Sunday, small clashes took place in several places in Delhi. This incident on Tuesday has shook the country with the extremist’s outright action of burning the mosque, hoisting thier flags and looting the properties of Muslims.

Source: The Wire

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