North Korean President Reappears

Kim Jong Un, the president of North Korea has put an end to all the rumours that arose over his disappearance.

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Kim Jong Un, who usually stirs lot of attention from the world over his every move is been completely absent from the world stage for the past three weeks. Reports said that he has undergone a cardio vascular surgery for obesity.

As no news on his health has been put forward, rumors started to spread even about him being dead. Also him not appearing the country’s very important ceremony strengthened the rumour. South Korea claimed his well-being on all those days. US Predient Trump didn’t utter much about the incident.

Putting an end to all these to an end, President Kim Jong Un made his first public appearance after 20 days. He attended an opening ceremony of a fertilizer factory near Pyongyang. He appeared to be healthy. The officials invited him cheerfully with “Hurrah”s. kim Jong Un’s sister was also present along with him in the ceremony.

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