AAP Sweeps Delhi by its Victory

The Delhi 2020 election results were announced later on Tuesday announcing the great victory of AAP under Kejriwal.

Iamge source: News18.com

The Aam Aathmi Party (AAP) under Kejriwal won the Delhi assembly election 2020, leaving less than ten seats only for its rivals. This victory was seen as the result of Kejriwal’s attention towards Delhi’s welfare.

Out of 70 seats for which election was held, AAP grabbed a handful of 68 seats leaving only 8 seats for BJP. Congress was left behind with nought lossing its deposit.

51-year-old Arvind Kejriwal was a former bureaucrat and anti-corruption activist. Once again the people of Delhi have chosen Kejriwal for his selfless service towards the welfare of the people involving more with the public.

Wishes pour for AAP party as people continue to wish him for his great victory.

92nd Academy Awards

The 92nd Oscar Awards were given on 10th of February in Los Angeles, United States.

Imahe courtesy: Britannica

The Hollywood event took to celebrate the cinema all over the world appreciating artists for their contribution to the world.

The event took everyone with shock as the Korean comedy-drama Parasite won the top awards of the day as the first foreign language to win the best picture category. This film directed by Bong Joon-ho also won the best director and original screenplay categories. The film was nominated under six categories out of which it bagged four awards.

The leading actor and actress awards were grabbed by Joaquin Phoenix for Joker and Renee Zellweger for Judy. Elton John won the best original song for his ‘I’m Gonna Love Me Again,’ and ‘Rocketman.’ Brad Pitt and Laura Dern won the best supporting leads.

Delhi Exit Polls: AAP likely to Win

Delhi Assembly election 2020 is conducted on Saturday with people who came to fullfil their voting rights as the citizen of India.

Image courtesy: Free Press Journal

The exit polls 2020 has made a prediction stating that Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is likely to win the election getting back to its position. The ruling AAM is in a rather safe position of winning the majority retaining the Chief Minister’s chair for Kejriwal for another set of year.

BJP, on the other hand is analysed to improve a bit from the last election conducted in 2015. BJP has also done its homework struggling to make a comeback after 20 long years. After the election, the Union Minister Amit Shah has called in the Delhi parliament members for a meeting.

Congress which has not won even a single poll in the last election is doing its best to reach the heights. The vote counting is to be done on Tuesday. There is more likely a chance for the exit polls to go wrong. Only 54.02% voters have turned up to cast their votes in the Delhi election 2020.

Corona virus: Doctor’s Death Triggers Anger

The epidemic corona virus is still spreading and has taken the life of more than 600 people sending the world into a frenzy. The recent update on the death of a doctor has triggered the anger of the world towards China.

Image courtesy: Financial Times

Dr. Li Wenliang of China is said to have been affected by the corona virus while he was treating the affected patients. It is said that Dr. Li has sent a message to his fellow medics last December. On his message he has expressed his doubt on the virus saying that it appeared more like SARS- a deadly corona virus.

However, his voice was shun by the police. They never took him into account and enquired him for spreading false rumors. But now Dr. Li’s prediction has become true. Unfortunately, Dr. Li died on Friday leaving his warning to the world.

This death of Dr. Li had triggered the anger and grief of people all over the world. Complaints is being raised against Chinese government for not taking into proper account the predictions made by Dr. Li. After the outrage of the people China has promised to sent thier best investigation team to Wuhan, Hubei province. The doctor was just 34-years-old.

According to the latest update, nealry 636 people have died and a 31,198 people were infected by the virus in China.

Perfect Thalapathy Vijay

Thalapathy Vijay has been released after the inquiry of Income Tax department which ran around 24 hours.

The fans stood with the actor in his distress supporting him, while believing in him. The Income Tax officials raided more than 30 location related to the Entertainment, actor Vijay, financier Chezhiyan and an unnamed film distributor.

Vija was being taken from the shooting spot while he was shooting for his next movie Master. After a long enquiry of 18 long hours, he was released stating that no corrupted documents was being found.

Nearly ₹77 crore was seized from financier Anbu Chezian at his house and from the residence of one of his friends. The residence and office of Kalpathi S Agoram is being raided under the same cause.

Fans kept standing for their hero in Twitter and other social media. As Vijay is released without guilt finally, his fandom is cauaing rukus in social media.

Actor Vijay Questioned on Tax Evasion

Tamil actor, Thalapathy Vijay was being questioned on Friday by the IT department.

Image courtesy: Kerala Kamudy

Thalapathy Vijay was being questioned by the Income tax department on Thursday in connection to the tax evasion case that was filed against AGS cinemas. One of the Income Tax officials stated, “Actor Vijay is being questioned in connection with an alleged tax evasion case linked to AGS cinema.”

The raid was conducted in more than 20 locations including the residence of Vijay in Chennai, properties of AGS Cinemas, residence and office of Kalpathi S Aghoram and at film financier Anbu Chelaiyan.

Following this action of IT officials, the fans stan for actor Vijay trending #WestandwithVijay. They extend their support to their favourite hero being confident that he will come out unstained.

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is remembered every year on the 4th of February to stop the preventable deaths caused by cancet among the people without awareness.

The World Cancer Day is organized by Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). This day was launched to create a mass awareness on the preventable cancer diseases.

People lack awareness that they tend to treat cancer as an incurable disease. However, many cancer can be treated and prevented at the early stages. Many rally was conducted on this day to reduce the cancer risk factors.

The theme for the World Cancer Day 2020 is I Am and I Will. “This World Cancer Day, we recognise that our commitment to act will lead to powerful progress in reducing global impact of cancer.”

World Wetland Day

World Wetland Day is celebrated anually on the 2nd of February.

Image courtesy: Ramsar

This day is inaugrated to create an awareness on protecting the wet marshlands of the world. A small group of environmentalists came with an idea and signed an international contract with Ramsar Convention in Iran.

The day is being celebrated since 1997 and now it has become a global convention to protect the wetlands for humanity.

“Wetlands and Biodiversity” is the theme for international Wetland Day for the year 2020. Wetland biodiversity with its 6% area on earth explains its importance for protecting it.

Corona Virus: Death toll rises to 249

As the deadly corona virus keeps increasing its pace in different countries, serious measures were taken to prevent it from spreading.

The epidemic has broke out in nearly 22 countries and 11,791 cases were reported so far. All the countries around the world were taking severe actions to stop the epidemic from spreading. China has faced the major loss of lives so far in accordance to the virus.

WHO has asked the countries to be aware of the local outbreaks. The disease remains dormant for nearly two weeks before it shows its symptoms.

Following the epidemic, all the international business with China is being shut down for the time being. Disney and Tesla has closed their industries in China. Also the international airlines and few other global companies has been shut down in China. Even the local government has ordered its factories for the mandatory shut down from Jan. 31 to Feb. 9.

Nirbhaya Convicts: Capital Punishment Postponed

The convicts of Nirbhaya case who were to be hung tomorrow was postponed for the time being.

In a heart shattering Delhi rape case, Nirbhaya was brutally gang-raped and murdered by four convicts in a running bus . As the case has been negotiated for more than a year, the four convicts were given capital punishment.

The capital punishment is to be carried out tomorrow. The long-awaited judgement was appreciated by the whole country for establishing righteousness. However, on Friday, the court has postponed the verdict ordering to delay the capital punishment until further orders were given.

As the convicts sought the reduction of punishment, their requests were not accepted by the court. However, this order of delaying the punishment has taken the country in a sweep.