COVID-19: India

The number of corona affected cases in India is on hype.

As of Tuesday India has a total number of 29,451 cases. Whereas, the death toll has increased upto 939. There are chances for the lockdown to be extended with the further increase in the affected cases. After the meeting with PM Modi, the Chief Ministers suggested that it might not be a good idea to loosen the lockdown.

In Karnataka few restrictions were lifted. Maharashtra sees increasing number of patients as days go by. Industries were allowed to operate in Uttarakhand. Health Ministry announced on Tuesday that the plasma therapy is still at the experimental level and there is still no evidence for its usage for treatment.

COVID-19 : First Person Recovered by Plasma Therapy in India

The first person to be completely recovered from the corona virus using the plasma therapy is recorded in India.

Image courtesy: Nature

A patient from Delhi who was treated with the convalescent plasma therapy was fully recovered hitting as the first patient to be recovered so from India. He was a 49-year-old patient who was tested positive for the virus and was admitted in hospital on 4th April. As his conditions grew very serious, he was administered with plasma from a donor who recovered three weeks before from the corona attack. Fortunately, the man was fully recovered from the virus as per the record.

Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja from the Max Healthcare said that the plasma therapy was no magic bullet. There would also be other factors that could make the recovery possible. However, the first man from India has been recovered successfully. It is to be noted that many states are taking initiatives to administer plasma therapy for the quick recovery of the patients.

Source: India Today

Kim Jong Un Suspicion

The mystery over the condition of the North Korean President’s condition hypes among the people as a senior executive of China says yes to the question.

The suspicions still continue to be the same as no official report on the president’s condition is released yet. After undergoing a surgery the condition of his health was not shared much.

His retainment from the public appearance on the contry’s two important occassions: April 15, a day honouring the founder of the country (Kim’s late grandfather Kim Il Sung) and April 25, at the 88th anniversary of Korean People’s Revolutionary Army has provoked the suspicions over his health condition.

While US remains tight-lipped yielding nothing towards the credance of the rumor, a Hong Kong Satellite TV executive told her followers on Weibo that Kim Jong Un was dead. Though her news was not that credible, it has turned a lot of attention towards North Korea.

The president’s name is been trending among the netizens with people wondering about the president’s condition.

Source: We are the Mighty

COVID-19: Death Hypes to 50,000

The death toll in America because of COVID-19 pandemic rises to more than 50,000 on Friday.

America still remains to be the most affected country because of the pandemic virus. People keep dying in masses because of the attack. On Friday the total number of people who diedbecause of the pandic has reached 50,954. Whereas, the covid cases recorded were upto 9,03,775.

The whole country was in a trauma in fear for the further increase of the pandemic virus. Though many measures were taken by the government under President Trump’s announcement, the threat is still becoming strong among the people. On the other hand the possiblity of economic instabilities is an added struggle to them. Economists says that lakhs of people might lose their job if the situation still continues.

World Book and Copyright Day

The world Book and Copyright Day was celebrated annually on the 23rd of April.

World book and copyright day was celebrated by UNESCO and other similar organisations on the 23rd of April. On this day we remember the glory of books and spread the need to inculcate the habit of reading among people. The books and reading material available in hundreds of countries are recognised on this day.

23rd of April celebrated as the international book day was finalized by UNESCO general conference in the year 1995. April 23rd is an important day in the field of literature. The great literary figure William Shakespeare was born on the same day. This day was celebrated in a manner to pay homage to the great literary figures.

The Director General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay said, ” Books have unique ability both to entertain and to teach. They are at once a means of exploring realms beyond our personal experience, through exposure to different authors, universe and cultures, and a means of accessing the deepest recesses of our inner selves.”

Earth Day 2020

Finally a day to congratulate and celebrate the mother earth for her endless provision of goodness to the humankind.

The International Earth Day was celebrated every year on the 22nd of April. Though many awareness programmes and campaigns were conducted, the earth is still facing a lot of damage because of pollution of all kinds.

Oil spillage, pollution over land, water, air, deforestration, and a lot more have caused severe damage to the earth surface. The future of our mother earth is in the hands of every human being residing on earth. It is the responsibility of every person to contribute for the betterment of the earth.

The World Earth Day was initiated in the year 1970. This year is special as it is the 50th anniversary of this celebration. Many live events and campaigns were conducted across the globe to enhance awareness.

The theme for the Earth Day 2020 is “Climate action.” This theme was selected to bring the attention of people towards the climatic change which will become one of the greatest challenge towards the humanity in the future.

The Curious Case of the Leader

Suspicion arises over the well-being of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after he undergoes a surgery.

Image courtesy: WFLA

North Korea still remains as one of the well secured social country staying out from the world’s arena. Something about everything in North Korea still remains a mystery to the outer world. In queue with this comes the question on the health condition of the current president Kim Jong Un who underwent a serious surgery.

The president undertook a cardiovascular system surgery because of extreme obesity according to the media reports. However, his progression in health or his condition still remains a mystery to the world.

A small spark has claimed the netizen’s curiosity towards the mysterious case of the president of the strong nuclear country. South has reported that North is still under the control of the president Kim Jong Un.

Source: CNN

Tom and Jerry Director Dies at 95

Gene Deitch (full name: Eugene Murrel Deitch) who has produced most famous cartoon characters and illustrations passed away at the age of 95.

Image courtesy: Devdiscourse

Gene Deitch, an American illustrator, animator and comic director was reported to be dead at the age of 95 according to the media. He died in his apartment in Prague said his Czech publisher.

He was one of the most famous award-winning legends in his field directing the most popular cartoon series including Tom and Jerry, Popeye, etc. Born in 1924, he has directed many famous cartoons including Popeye the Sailor Man, Tom Terrific, Munro and Nundik.

His short film Munro won the Academy Award for the Best Animated Short Film in 1960. He was also nominated twice for the same award in the year 1964. He won the Winsor McCay Award for his lifelong contribution to animation in 2004.

Gene Deitch has directed 13 episodes from the legendary cartoon series Tom and Jerry and also multiple episodes from Popeye the Sailor Man.

COVID-19: India

The corona cases in India has reached 14,792 as of Saturday. The hotspot areas still demands high alert.

The Health Ministry of India reported lately that 991 new cases were reported in India. The death toll also has raised upto 488. The total case has now reached upto 14,792 and nearly 2000 people have recovered from the virus attack.

Maharashtra still remains as the most affected state in India with 3,323 pandemic victims. It was reported that atleast 20 Indian Navy Personnel in Mumbai were tested positive to the pandemic infection. Tamil Nadu has more than 40 infected cases.

The world toll has hyped to 22,51,690 people. The death toll has increased to 1,54,188 as on Saturday.

Quarantine: #MeAt20

Netizens share their nostalgic years of when they were at their 20s over internet with a #MeAt20.

The pandemic quarantine has locked you within your doors. So what? Lets connect with people from the other side of the globe: this is exactly what the ‘stay home stay healthy’ slogan has brought up.

Maybe this was the time when people are cherishing their good-old-pre-pandemic days. Netizens are blowing up their sweet memories of when they were twenty. Sharing their experience and the pictures of when they were at 20.

Even celebrities are sharing their nostalgic days at 20 in the internet. Celebrities including Laurence Fox, Piers Morgan, Busy Philipps, Danny Baker has shared their pictures of when they were 20 with humorous comments on the memory lane that they have travelled.

What if a virus prevents you from being socially connected to the people around you? Internet provides you a socially interactive world.

Source: Daily Mail