Sarkaar, the tittle of the new movie by thalapathi Vijay was announced today. After a long wait, the first outlook and the name of Thalapathi’s new film have been released today by 6’o clock. It has been released in Sun Pictures in their official page and also in the sun channel, Sun pictures being the producers of the new film.

The first look as always has never failed to attract the fans and the viewers. The film has aroused the expectation of many fans like the Mersal film of the last year.

The poster was so cool and stylish. It was designed by Gopi Prasanna, who designed the first look of the films Mersal and Theri. It was a political thriller movie. A strong social message was also expected in this movie. The music was directed by A. R. Rahman.

The film has the crew members of Thalapathi Vijay, Keerthi Suresh, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, etc under the direction of A.R. Murugadas. The film as the name suggests was a political story.

Sarkaar was to be released on Deepavali. The first look and the name have brought the Diwali celebration mode among the fans.

As Thalapathi’s other films like Kathi, Thuppaki, Theri and Mersal, no doubt this movie has attracted a lot of attention. Sarkaar has also become the first trending news today on Twitter. So the fans surely can await a colourful Thalapathi Diwali.

Big Boss

The countdown has started already for Big Boss Season 2. One day more to go. Big Boss the program of Vijay television which grabbed the attention of most of the people is about to start its second season from tomorrow. The countdown was started yesterday for the great new upcoming season.

image courtesy: NewsBugz

Vijay TV has conducted a program named as Big Boss last year which grabbed the attention of many viewers. The whole program will be conducted in a secluded house which is highly secured with nearly 60 cameras. Celebrities who participate in the show should stay in the house along with other mates for 100 days. Regular tasks and elimination rounds will be conducted.

Big Boss is an unidentified person who looks over the whole house and the candidates. He is the sole person who takes care of all the needs of the housemates, gives tasks and judgment. The decision of the Big Boss will be final and no changes will be done further. Rewards and incentives will be given to the players who win the tasks and punishments will be given to those who disobey the rules.


Image courtesy: Newsfolo

The first season attracted many viewers and the participants also received varied reactions from the viewers. Few participants were respected, few were resented and a few were loved. Few lucky participants got fan clubs started by the fans like Oviya army, Harish fan club, etc. The winner of the first season was Aarav.

The second season has equally grabbed the attention of many. Many celebrities like Shyam, Power star, Mirnalini, Sneha, Ramba, Rio, Vadivel Balaji, Sreeja, Krishna, etc were expected to participate in the second season. The actor and the politician, Kamal Hassan was expected to host the second season. Many changes were also made on the Big Boss house. A punishment room was included in this house. The house will be introduced to the viewers and the participants by the host.

There is no doubt that the second season is going to be very interesting with a lot of new debates. So let’s just wait and watch.

Defamation case against Rahul Gandhi

A defamation case was filed against Congress Chief, Rahul Gandhi. The criminal case has been filed saying that he has defied the name of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the sole mentor of BJP. On an election rally which was held on March 2014, Mr Gandhi has made a statement that Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was behind the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi which took place in 1948.

Image courtesy: India TV

The congress president Rahul Gandhi was sued for this comment made by him. This statement was highly opposed by RSS. Rajesh Kunte, a RSS worker filed a case against Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi received a bail against this case on 2016 from the Bhiwandi magistrate court.

However he was summoned to the court. He entered the court with heavy security and was greeted by the congress workers shouting slogans. As he took the stand in the court the trial began. The judge AI Sheikh asked him if he accepts to be guilty for making such a comment.  Mr Gandhi declared that he was not guilty.

Mr Gandhi also said that he will stand by every word uttered by him. He also said that he will never take back his words. Nirupam said that Mr Gandhi is about to meet 1,500 congress co-workers on the Mumbai Exhibition ground today (12/06/18). He also that said that this meeting was to be held to thank the party workers who were working hard at the booth level for the party.


Though we are now living in a modern world with lots of technology coming out each day, we are still very helpless when a sudden threat to our health occurs. One of the recent threats that we faced was the attack of the new virus Nipah, taking the lives of 11 people in Kerala, in a very short time. The first outbreak of this disease happened as early as 1998 in Malaysia in a place named ‘Kampung Sungai Nipah,’ from which it was named. It started to spread from the pigs. Later this disease broke out in Singapore and then to West Bengal in the succeeding years. At present this disease has entered to India through Kerala.

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The cause of the spread is identified to be the fruit bats of Pteropodidae family. Though the first host of this virus is identified to be pigs, it has then spread to certain domestic animals like cat, dog, goat, cow, horse, etc. and now to the fruit bats. It has now spread to the human being through the excretion of the affected host, and also from consumption of the fruits eaten by the affected bats. This disease is highly contaminable affecting the person who is close to the contaminated person.


There is a lot of symptoms to identify the affected person, but the saddest part is that all the symptoms occur within a period of two days killing the person within that time. These symptoms include fever, sore throat, headache, muscular pain, and vomiting are some of the signs. These might also further lead to drowsiness, dizziness, altered consciousness and neurological signs.


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Still, now there is no medicine or treatment invented to cure the virus. Infection of the virus on the person can be confirmed by PCR, and Virus Culture. It was done only by some specialized hospitals in the cities. The National Neurology Centre in Pune can only confirm the presence of the virus on the host. Therefore it gets too late before the patient gets treated.


The only way to prevent the spread of this virus is to stay away from the infected area. Also, people should be prohibited to buy fruits, or vegetables from these areas. Every person should keep himself in a good sanitary condition. This includes washing the hands and eyes often with soap, rinsing the throat with cold water, and using neatly washed kerchiefs while coughing and sneezing.


The doctors were also given a different code of dress to treat these patients. They were instructed to wear a triple layered surgical mask. The clothes they wear should be sterilized before treating another patient.


The government has taken steps to prevent the outbreak of this disease. Yet it is in our hands to keep ourselves and our environment in a good sanitary condition, with a little exercise to keep us healthy and live a long life.

Smart Trees

We sure are living in a world where everything has become smart. Smart enough to make things easier and save a lot of time. India is becoming advanced not only in technology but in the development of all the districts and the cities. It is running along with the aim to become smart enough to step into the next level in terms of development.

Cities were chosen around the country in order to begin the process of ‘smartening’. These cities are called as ‘smart cities.’  One of these smart cities is Coimbatore. Few of the projects implied to smarten the city includes using solar energy, enabling free Wi-Fi connections, etc.


image courtesy:×480/2970.jpg

Planting ‘smart trees’ in the city is one of the many steps. According to this plan, artificial plants are to be implanted in the city. These trees are made of iron and fiber and so lasts for a longer time. Smart seats are to be installed around these trees to help the common people to sit and relax under the smart trees.

These trees are of 20 feet high. They are advanced trees with solar panels attached to it. It enables the people to charge their gadgets. Free Wi-Fi connections are also facilitated with these trees. Nearly 30 smart seats are attached under this tree which helps the people to just relax under it.

Nearly 25 smart trees are to be planted in different places of the city. The leaves are golden colored and are designed very artistically with the help of the cinema artists to attain the perfection.

Nature is being greatly distorted in these modern days with the development of industries and the emission of a large amount of pollutants. Many birds and even animals are becoming extinct. As we are getting excited about the ‘smart trees that are going to become prevalent, let’s give a small thought to the number of trees that are being destroyed.

I would also like to make a mention of an animated movie ‘Lorax,’ which throws the light upon the importance of nature. The movie is all about a city which is filled with ‘smart trees’ that changes its colors according to the season and also sings the song. They do not have a single tree in their city. Wonder what they would do for oxygen, it is sold in bottles for money. So let’s just give a second to think about our future and plant at least few trees in our lifetime.

The New Board Exam

The exam results have been published today for the eleventh-grade students of the high schools in Tamil Nadu. Directorate of Government examination has changed the system of conducting board examinations for the eleventh-grade high school students after nearly three decades. Since then only two major public examinations were conducted on the passing years of high school (10th) and the higher secondary school (12th).

In the last years, public examination for the twelfth-grade students was conducted for total marks of 1200. From this academic year, this mark has been split into two, conducting two public examinations on the higher secondary level. Therefore the students were awarded marks out of 600.


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The results were out today for the students who completed their eleventh grade in March. Nearly 91.3 percent of the students have cleared the exams. While 94.6 percent of girls cleared it, only 87.4 percent of boys were able to clear it.

From the year 2016-17, the students were required to complete three board exams continually. This change has been announced to equip the students to gain most of the knowledge from their syllabus. This change might also equip the students to face the entrance examinations in the future.

Changes are brought not only in the examinations of the higher secondary schools but also in the syllabus patterns of the schools. Steps were taken to change the syllabus of the students. Changes were made in the syllabus of the classes 1, 6, 9 and 11 for the academic year 2018-19. The syllabus of the classes 2, 7, 10 and 12 will be changed in the next academic year.

These changes were made really quickly since getting a seat in the medical field is not anymore based on the marks of the students. So the board exams will help the students get a strong foundation of the field they were interested in so that they could easily get the chance to pursue their dream. I wish all the students to have a bright future ahead.


Courses offered in higher education

As the secondary school (10th STD) results have come, I congratulate all the winners for their success. Once the first big examination of student’s life was over, students and parents tend to go through a lot of confusion as to what course must be chosen next in order to pursue their dream.


The four major groups that peep at any person as higher education pops in the mind are science (physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, computer science); arts/ humanities (history, geography, sociology, economics, psychology, etc.) and commerce (accountancy, economics, business studies, and mathematics).

There’s a lot more than this. But most students and parents are not aware of them. For example, if a student is so much interested in designing he/she finds it more difficult to select a course that best suits them. Therefore this post is here to give you a guidance on most of the courses available other than the major streams we are all aware of.




First to mention is vocational courses. These courses are available in certain schools though not available in many. These courses are more like professional courses. They offer courses like fitting, food production, mass media, auto mechanic, general machinist, letterpress and printing, business machines, building maintenance and electrical domestic appliances, automobiles, tourism, beverages, etc. These courses provide you with a certificate (Certificate for Vocational Higher Secondary Education), that can facilitate the students to directly go on a job on their interested field of profession.


There are also other streams like dairy. Dairy is also another special stream which equips the students to increase their interest in the cattle and other domestic animals. Once the students complete this course entering a medical field as a veteran becomes quite easy.


If a student is not interested in completing the higher secondary school education he/she can very well opt for some diploma courses which they are interested in. There is a lot of diplomatic courses available for the students who come out of their secondary education. These polytechnic colleges offer almost all the courses offered by the engineering colleges. Therefore once the student has completed his diplomatic course of three years they can directly join the second year in their interested engineering college.



The various courses offered by the polytechnic colleges include civil, mechanical, fashion designing, architecture, chemical, electrical, automobile, etc.

Students can also take courses like maths, ITI, fashion designing, etc. and complete their higher education according to their passion. Students have to study their major course along with an optional and two language papers.


All the people have a right to pursue their dream and so does the students. Therefore do not confine yourself to the traditional way of having the four major group as your option. The modern world has given a lot of scope for the development of student’s interest. Therefore hunt for your dream and make it true, thus living your life to the fullest.