Vizag Gas Leak: 11 Dead and Thousands Admitted

A poisonous gas leak in Vishakapattanam has killed atleast 11 and thousands were hospitalized.

Image courtesy: IndiaToday

It has been reported that a poisonous gas has leaked from the LG Polymer chemical plant, Vishakapattanam. The leakage took place in the morning. People who came out smelling the gas suffered from deficient oxygen supply, vomitting, itching skin and started to faint. The footage across the village showed a very heart-shattering scene with people lying across the streets unconscious. Even the cattle has died after breathing the poisoned gas.

Emergency state was proclaimed in the village. A speacialized CBRN and NDRF team rushed to the area to rescue the people. People who fainted were carried to the nearby private and government hospitals in two wheelers and ambulances. Yet 11 people were reported dead because of the poisonous gas. Thousands of people who fell unconscious on their places and streets where admitted in the hospital and were administered oxygen supplication.

This incident recalls the Bopal incident that took place years before in India. Reports stated that the gas has leaked from two tanks which were left unchecked from March because of the lockdown. The area was brought under control and people were evacuated to safe places. Action will be taken against the chemical plant as per the officials.

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